TeamGym - a competition with spirit and atmosphere

The European Championships in TeamGym is one of the most recent UEG events and takes place every even-numbered year. The first UEG TeamGym (Euroteam) competition was held in Finland in 1996 and the first official TeamGym European Championships in Sweden 2010, which also included Junior Sections.

TeamGym is a team competition being performed in the three disciplines: Floor, Tumbling and Trampet (mini-trampoline). TeamGym competitions are divided into three sections: Women, Men and Mixed teams.

All three disciplines require effective teamwork and excellent technique with difficult skills in acrobatic and gymnastic elements. The event is attractive for spectators and media as well as sponsors because it’s both entertaining and exciting to watch. TeamGym competitions are recognized by their very good spirit and an exciting atmosphere.

A team may consist of 8 - 10 gymnasts, all of whom must compete on floor, which is compulsory.  On tumbling and trampet only 6 gymnasts perform in each round.  In all disciplines, all the performing gymnasts are judged. A mixed team must consist of 50% male and 50% female gymnasts.


Photos: UEG