Rhythmic gymnastics

Sport and art

Rhythmic Gymnastics, a symbiosis of art, aesthetic and beauty, paired with highest performances, is a true women's sport and belongs to the most attractive and beautiful disciplines.

The main characteristic of Rhythmic Gymnastics as a compositional discipline is the connection of the most difficult acrobatic movement elements which require a very high corporal flexibility and motor activity and which are presented by the gymnasts in perfect harmony with the music chosen for the exercise.

Femininity and elegance as well as the artistic expression of the gymnasts never fail to fascinate the public. Since the beginning of its nearly forty years lasting development, European gymnasts belong to the best gymnasts worldwide.Therefore, a European Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics can undoubtedly be compared to a World Championships or even a final competition organised during the Olympic Games.





Photos : Volker Minkus / UEG