25th European Championships in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling

March 31st to April 3rd, 2016 - Valladolid (ESP)


24th European Championships in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling

April 7th to 13th, 2014 - Guimaraes/POR 2014

Report of the Trampoline Technical Committee of the UEG
The 24th European Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double-Mini have been held in Guimarães on April 7th - 12th, 2014.
398 gymnasts from 28 European countries competed in senior and junior Trampoline Individual, Synchro and Team categories, Tumbling Individual and Team categories and Double Mini-Tramp Individual and Team categories. Monaco competed for first time in the Trampoline European Championships.
The 24th European Championships were also the qualifying event for the first ever edition of European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2015 and for the second edition of Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China in 2014 in Trampoline events.
52 senior gymnasts from 19 European countries qualified for Trampoline Individual and Synchronised events for the new European multisport event, where around 6’000 athletes in 19 sports will participate in June 2015 with some 225 events.
8 junior gymnasts from 6 European countries qualified for Trampoline Individual events at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.
The 2014 European Championships confirmed also the development of our disciplines in many European countries as the medals have been delivered to gymnasts from 14 countries in total. Also many new faces and young gymnasts reached the finals and the podiums.
The Championships have been promoted massively by the organizing Portuguese Gymnastics Federation and the local host. The TV coverage transmitted by the Portuguese TV from the Saturday finals presented our competitions on very high level. Many competition videos have been also presented on the UEG YouTube Chanel and actual information, videos and photos have been published on event and UEG websites and via the internet social networks. Many of the information, videos and photos are still available for the internet visitors.
Excellent sports hall set up and design together with many spectators created dignified area for the competitions.
The organizers prepared the event very well and implemented also many details to make the stay more comfortable for the participants. The organizing team including many volunteers was very friendly and helpful.
The Technical meeting has been organized for the participating national federations to introduce the new TC and provide them with more detailed information regarding the TC activities and future events. 
We would like to send a special thanks to the organizers and all the volunteers that made the championship a solid success. The appreciation should also be expressed to the UEG staff and UEG officials for their work, co-operation and support.
Finally, I would like to thank my colleagues from the TRA-TC for all their work before, during and after the Championships. 
Vladimir Zeman
President TC-TRA/UEG

Slovenia and Croatia - on their way to establish a Trampoline Gymnastics programme

UEG and the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation co-organised a well-attended workshop to promote Trampoline Gymnastics in the national territory. For this long term project, approved by the Executive Committee, the UEG Trampoline Technical Committee has prepared an intensive weekend of 20 hours of theoretical and practical sessions. 
The participating coaches mainly came from other gymnastics disciplines and from Sports Sciences schools and universities. Up to 31 individuals joined the lectures developed by Martin Laws (GBR), Emma Suomalainen (FIN) and Miguel Vicente (ESP) during the weekend. Although most of the participants came from Slovenia, three coaches who represented Croatia also travelled to Ljubljana in order to get the applied knowledge to develop trampoline programmes also in their country. 
This workshop provided information about coaching skills, judging criteria, organizational issues related to clubs and competitions, the international context of gymnastics in terms of rules, calendars and opportunities. The main objective was to help coaches in Slovenia and in Croatia to develop Trampoline, Tumbling and DMT in a realistic framework, taking their current infrastructure and formation as a starting point to build up something solid for the future.
Eurotramp provided all the participants with some promotional presents and with some educational DVD in order to help them to improve their gymnastics’ coaching.
The UEG TRA-TC would like to express their gratitude to Dejan Jovanovic and his colleagues for the great running of this workshop. As the goal of these projects is focused on a long-term consolidation of Trampoline Gymnastics in both Slovenia and Croatia, the TC is really looking forward to taking the next steps in order to establish a solid collaboration for the next years.

TC meeting
The 7 members of the TC
The UEG Trampoline Technical Committee held its last meeting this year in Madrid during the last weekend of September. After an intense year 2012 with a successful European Championships in Saint Petersburg (RUS), back in April, and a solid training camp in Ruit (GER) in August, the seven members of the TC gathered to evaluate all their activities and begin planning the ones for 2013.
The announcement of the venue for the next European Championships in 2014 is another happy milestone. The Portuguese city of Guimaraes will run the next continental event, hoping to keep the good level showed in Russia.
A call for applications to run the 2013 Training Camp was prepared and sent in order to allow all the potential candidates to send their bids. The TC would like to announce the name of the host 2013 during the month of November, in order to have everything ready for the summer camp.
Before the end of 2012 the UEG TRA-TC will also be running a launching workshop about trampoline in the Balkan area. This project, supported by UEG, is expected to serve as a starting point for countries like Slovenia, Croatia or Serbia in order to develop a national trampoline program. This workshop will be held in Ljubljana (SLO), from the 14th to the 16th of December.

The 7 members of the UEG TC-TRA with the President of the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation (Jesús Carballo), its General Secretary (Ignacio Marrón) and its Technical Director (Sergio García)


UEG Trampoline Training Camp: learning to perform better 
UEG has successfully run its annual trampoline training camp in Ruit (Germany) from August 11th to 18th, 2012. This year 22 athletes and 8 coaches representing 6 national federations gathered in a great sports facility located near Stuttgart. All the accommodation, food, training and leisure activities were held in Ruit Sportschule, a top level training resource for all sports with a quiet and stimulating atmosphere for all participants. 
The training camp was led by Erik Juhl Mogensen (DEN), President of the UEG Trampoline Technical Committee, and Miguel Vicente (ESP), one of the TC members. Three experts (Sue Lawton, Sergio Lucas and Tobias Dorra) were giving practical advice and hands-on instruction to all participants during two daily training sessions of two hours. During the last training session, a friendly competition was developed, practising some of the main technical aspects dealt with in the training sessions (good and neat execution, high jumps, team building…).
All the local organization was perfectly organized by Mitch Kuhn, former silver World medallist and now in charge of the German national team, and Markus Kubicka, member of the German national team until 2009 and now working on the technical preparation of the athletes in the Baden Württemberg area.
Running parallel to the sessions, a program of theoretical and applied lectures were performed by the experts in front of both coaches and athletes, dealing with important and interesting issues related to practising trampoline. First, Sue Lawton (GBR), head coach of the Edgbarrow Trampoline Club, presented a detailed video analysis of top athletes performing worldwide, searching all the keys to obtain a zero deduction in trampoline skills. Second, Sergio Lucas (POR), head coach of the Tomar Trampoline Club, introduced an in-depth research about the diverse ways available to gymnasts and coaches willing to perform a double front somersault with one a half twisting. Third, Tobias Dorra (GER), head coach of the Munster Trampoline Club, approached the topic of fear and self-confidence in this spectacular sport. To conclude, Miguel Vicente (ESP), UEG TC Member, went through all the modifications of the FIG Code of Points for the upcoming Olympic cycle, offering an evaluation of all the recent changes in how trampoline is being judged nowadays (time of flight, difficulty, reference-judging…).   
Eurotramp, the leading company in trampoline equipment, offered a very interesting visit to their factory in Weilheim and a great barbecue during a sunny afternoon. All participants spent long time with all the Eurotramp staff and employees having a great time. This was a great chance to discover all the structure and processes lying behind the trampolines they usually use for training and competitions. Consequently, the UEG Trampoline Technical Committee would like to express its gratitude to Dennis Hack and all his crew for this invitation.
The leisure program was completed with two visits to the swimming hall and a diverse array of sport games (beach volleyball, chess, football…) that everyone can perform in Ruit Sportschule. And as a farewell party, all participants had a great dinner on Friday and attended an international fireworks’ contest in the nearby area.  
You can find more information and a lot of pictures by joining the UEG Trampoline Training Camp group in Facebook:
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TRA-TC Report from the 23rd European Championship in Trampoline, Tumbling, DMT and Test event U21 
8th - 15th April 2012, St. PetersburgRUS

Extract of the TC-TRA report:

The 23rd European Championships was another step in the right direction to make our competitions more professional and an event that can be broadcasted to the trampoline society in Europe and rest of the world.
The set-up in the sports hall was very nice and did full fill our wishes to how a set-up should be. Beside this transportation, accommodation and most other functions worked very well, due to great effort made by The Russian Trampoline Federation. Unfortunately very little audience did follow the championships.
The scoring system worked very well and was a very nice tool to work with for the UEG-TRA-TC, to control and follow the competition. Unfortunately the presentation of the scores towards the audience did not work in the beginning and even by the end of the competition the function was not 100% of our satisfaction.
The overall gymnastic level was very satisfying and thrilled the audience in the sports hall and those following the competition on the web.
The competition was streamed and promoted through the different social networks and the numbers of viewers more than fulfilled our wildest wishes and shows this is a way to continue.   
The U21 Test event was a success and it I the wish of the TRA-TC to include this en our future program.
The UEG-TRA-TC would like to send a special thanks to Mr. Nikolay Makarov, President of the Russian Trampoline Federation, his staff and all the volunteers that make the championship a solid success.
Thank you very much to the UEG-Staff and UEG persons who were involved in the event and helped us making the 23rd European championships the success we were looking for.
A special thank you to Yasmin Stammners for joining us and all her work taking care of Facebook and Twitter and by this sharing the EC with rest of the world.
Finally I would like to thank my colleagues in the TRA-TC for all your work before, during and after the championships. 
Erik J. Mogensen - President of the UEG-TRA-TC

For the full technical repport of this event, click here.