Report of the YOG qualifications
15 February 2018, Moscow/RUS
56 participants from 33 NFs

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Report of the coaches' course
4 - 9 November 2017, Marbella/ESP
34 participants from 7 NFs

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Report Training Camp Rhythmic Gymnastics

2 to 7 July 2017, Obertraun (AUT)

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Report of the TC-RG for the 33rd European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics
Team Final 
Junior Groups Competition
Senior Apparatus finals

May 19 to 21, 2017, Budapest (HUN)


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TC meeting in Martigny (SUI)

27 - 30 October 2016
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Report Training Camp Rhythmic Gymnastics

3 to 8 July 2016, Obertraun (AUT)

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Report of the TC-RG for the 32nd European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics
Junior Teams and Apparatus Final (CI + III)
Senior Groups Competition (CI + III)
Senior Individual CII

June 17 to 19, 2016, Holon (ISR)


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Report of the coaches' course
7 - 12 November 2015, Marbella/ESP
28 participants from 11 NFs

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Report of the TC-RG for
the 30th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics
Indiv. Sen & Jun. Groups

May 1 to 3, 2015, Minsk/BLR



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Report ECh RG - Minsk 2015

TC Meeting in Sausset, France
Sausset, a very calm and romantic place, was the host of our last meeting. Instead of weather cataclysms as many parts in Europe had to support, we found a nice place to settle the main points for next year:
1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting in Baku
2. Survey of the training camp Obertraun 2014
3. Organisation of the European Games 2015
4. Planning for the TC-RG-UEG events and meetings for 2015
5. Coaches course in Marbella - November 2015
6. Technical regulations
7. Discussion about Code Of Point

New ideas

  • Seminar about Choreography and Artistic for individual gymnasts and groups 
  • Electrical equipment system for judging Artistry and execution
  • We also discussed new formats based on the “knock-out system” to organize our future European Championships. A new modern and attractive way to keep Rhythmic gymnastics longer and stronger in the hearts of gymnasts and spectators.
We will continue our intensive work also next year
See you!
Maria Petrova


OBERTRAUN (Austria) from July 7th to 13th, 2014

Responsible UEG:
Heide BRUNEDER, President of the TC/RG/UEG,
Dominique MULLER-LAUTH, Member of the TC/RG/UEG, responsible of the training camps UEG
Elena NEFEDOVA, (RUS) Member of the TC/RG/UEG and expert in body difficulties,
Dominique CHARLIER, (FRA) dance professor,
Lucia EGERMAN (AUT), expert in apparatus technique,
Tatiana YANCHEVA (BUL), expert in psychological and mental preparation
The welcome by the Austrian Federation with at its head Heide Bruneder was very warm and the venue was exceptional, set in a lushly verdant scenery surrounded by the Austrian mountains. 
21 gymnasts and 11 coaches representing 7 National Federations:
The practical trainings were dispensed from Tuesday 8th to Saturday 12th July included with a half day of rest who allowed the participants to visit “a salt mine” with some hysterical laughter during the sliding down in toboggan dressed up like miners!
The level of the participating gymnasts was mixed, the experts adapted themselves so that each participant could take advantage of the dispensed trainings. 
Two evenings were exclusively reserved to the coaches with for theme the psychological and mental preparation for high level competition.
Each coach as well as the experts, received at the end of the training camp:
- A DVD set with all the dispensed trainings
- A T-shirt with the logo of the UEG and of the training camp “Training Course OBERTRAUN” 
A diploma of participation has been distributed to all the participants.
A questionnaire (see enclosed) has been distributed to all the coaches concerning the themes, the duration, and the experts. See below the summary of the aforementioned questionnaire returned by all the coaches present. 
Did this training course answer your expectations:
YES unanimously
Did the approached themes were interesting:
In the great majority: YES
Demand of active participation of the coaches especially by requesting them as assistants, particularly during the warm-up and the body difficulties,
More diversity in the body preparation (no daily repetition)
More technique with the apparatus aimed at “mastery”
Which themes would you have to propose for a next training camp:
- Dividing up in level groups for the apparatus,
- More specific work with apparatus/body difficulties,
- Classical dance: more work out of “pivots”
- Include in the dancing lesson: modern dance, Graham, etc…
- Propose to the coaches some meetings concerning difficulties and Code of Points
- Request to participate with 3 or 4 gymnasts,
- Work-out of suppleness and of stretching.
Do you have some remarks about this training camp:
Proposition of games so that the gymnasts could know each other better
This training camp should have a continuity:
Which period would be suitable for the organisation of this training camp:
Majority: same period
1 proposition end of July
1 proposition end of June
Does the age of the gymnasts stays the same?
1 proposition: 11-13 years old; age in relation to the ECh of the current year 
Example: ECh 2016 (2001-2002-2003) – training camp 2015: 2001-2002-2003
1 proposition: to have 2 age groups in the same training camp, 10-12 years and 13-14 years
A big thank you to all the participants, to the experts and of course a special mention for the Austrian Federation and Heide BRUNEDER.
Member TC/RG/UEG

Report of the TC-RG for
the 30th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics
Junior Teams and Apparatus Final (CI + III)
Senior Groups Competition (CI + III)
Senior Individual CII

June 13th to 15th, 2014, Baku/AZE



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Report ECh RG - Baku 2014


ECh RG Baku 2014 : preparation meeting and drawing of lots

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee of the European Union of Gymnastics went to Baku to prepare the European Championships for juniors and seniors which will be held from 13 to 15 June 2014.

The second ordinary meeting of the UEG TC-RG and the preparation for the European Championships in Baku 2014 were held in a special way.
The drawing of lots (click here to discover the drawing of lots) for the 32 participating countries took place in one of the very impressing « Flame towers » situated on the Baku hills.
The UEG TC-RG work in the « Flame Towers » was followed by an official briefing and presentation of the competition together with the media. The officials were Heide Bruneder (President of the UEG TC-RG), Altay Hasanov (Vice-President of the ARGF) and Farid Gayibov (Secretary General of ARGF and Vice-President of UEG).
During the two meeting days of the TC-RG, several questions were considered:
- The training camp in Obertraun in Austria in July.
- Different way of promoting the UEG camps
- New ideas of organization and courses
The UEG TC-RG and the NF discussed some specific aspects of the organisation of the 30th European Championships in Baku 2014:
- Facilities
- Work plan of the competition
- Accommodation
- TV in the presence of the UEG TV coordinator, Jean-François Rossé
- Ceremonies
Please note that the UEG TC-RG worked together with a highly experienced team of the Organising Committee during these two meeting days. Baku has effectively hosted the RG European Championships in 2007 and 2009.
The competition venue...
A very ambitious project is awaiting the Azerbaijani people - the organisation of the 1st European Games in 2015 which will involve all gymnastics disciplines: Artistic Gymnastics for men and women, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Aerobics and Acrobatics will be organised together as a great gymnastics’ show.
The UEG TC-RG members were very grateful for the warm and kind welcome from the organisers which made their work and stay very pleasant. 
Text: Maria Petrova, Vice-president of the UEG TC-RG
Photos: UEG TC-RG & AZE Federation 

Report of the TC-RG for
UEG/RG coaches Camp

11 to 17th November 2013, Belgrade/SRB

Participants :
- Heide BRUNEDER – President of the TC/RG/UEG
Experts : 
- Marina LOBACH/BLR -  Member of the TC/RG/UEG – expert for “apparatus technique”
- Natalia GORBULINA/RUS - expert for « body technique»
- Liuba BARYKINA/RUS - expert for « dance and  rhythmical steps »
- Ilyana ILYANKOVA/BLR - intervenante en « physical preparation»
- Nektarios STAVROU/GRE - intervenant en « psychology and regeneration»
- Dominique MULLER-LAUTH/FRA - Member of the TC/RG/UEG – expert for « planning ».
Programme de la semaine : click here
31 participating coaches and 6 “demonstration” gymnasts coming from 13 national federations.
From Tuesday to Saturday included with practical and theoretical lectures from 9h - 12h30 and from 15h - 18h30 and for the theory from 18h45 - 20h15.
Excellent welcome from the Serbian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation chaired by Milena RELJIN and her husband, who gave us all logistical assistance and a very friendly support
At the end of the course, each participant received:
- A DVD set with all lectures from all experts including  the power point presentations,
- A T-shirt with the logo of the UEG and the camp “ Coaches Course BELGRADE-2013 ».
A questionnaire was distributed to all participants concerning the topics, the duration, the experts. Find below the summary of this questionnaire.
Conclusion : this course must absolutely be organised again, the participants were delighted of this course although it was “physically” demanding as they have all participated at the practical lectures!
Summary of this questionnaire : 
Has this course fulfilled your expectations :
Large majority: YES  (one questionnaire : No, more theoretic and practical examples regarding the preparation of senior high-level gymnasts)
Were the discussed topics interesting :
Large majority: YES  (one questionnaire : interesting topics, but they were not addressed in the right way!)
Which topics would you suggest for a future course :
- Physiological preparation in view of the training loads, repetitions, series etc….
- Biomechanics,
- Ballet,
- Traumatism,
- Work of the groups,
- Diversification of the warm-ups,
- Methods of relaxation,
- Specific competition preparation,
- Apparatus techniques.
Do you have any comments with regard to this course :
- Organisation on 4 days,
- Lack of translations (RUS in ENG),
- Too many courses « without rhythm »
- Lack of different types of compositions
Should this course have a continuity :
A majority answered : YES (one questionnaire : NO, not in the current way!)
Which period would be most convenient for the organisation of this course :
For the majority : same period – early November,
4 propositions : January,
3 propositions : Summer holidays.

Report of the TC-RG for
the 29th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics
Indiv. Sen & Jun. Groups

May 31 to June 02, 2013, Vienna/AUT



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Report ECh RG - Vienna 2013