Calling all TeamGym coaches …

For the exchange programme ICIT

Launched by the UEG’s TeamGym Technical Committee last year, the International Coaching Internship for TeamGym (ICIT) is an initiative to find coaching placements for TeamGym coaches with high potential who wish to gain and share experience throughout Europe. The programme aims to inspire and give valuable experience to the coaches of the future, share expertise in TeamGym and invest in the future of TeamGym.

The programme is currently open to coaches between 18 and 25, with an interest or expertise in TeamGym, for them to gain further experience. The programme also includes for experienced coaches to support less experienced clubs.

Sounds interesting right? Well, here is how you can participate: young coaches (interns) and interested clubs or federations (hosts) should consult their national federation for approval and complete the application form. The programme administrator will try to match as many interns and hosts as possible!

More info and application form here!


2017 UEG TeamGym Camp - Cesenatico (ITA)
15 – 22 July 2017


Find the report of the training camp here!


TeamGym internship to offer great experience to young coaches

Applications for the International Coaching Internship for TeamGym can be made until 31 March 2017!

The International Coaching Internship for TeamGym (ICIT) is an interesting initiative that has developed from a coaches’ exchange programme between Great Britain and Iceland. Started in 2016, it now opens its doors for participants from all over Europe!

The programme is overseen by the UEG TeamGym Technical Committee and will be administered by Peter Tranckle (GBR).  It aims to find coaching placements for young TeamGym coaches to gather experience throughout Europe. The overall objectives are to inspire, to give valuable experience to the coaches of the future, to invest in the future of TeamGym and to share expertise in TeamGym throughout Europe.

The Programme is currently open to young coaches between 18 and 25 years with an interest/expertise in TeamGym. A host can be a club or a federation.

We hope to see many new faces who want to be with us on the exciting journey ahead!

Want to host? Here you find the Host Application Form.

Want to become an intern? Here’s the Intern Application Form.


Send your application to us on by 31st March!


2016 UEG TeamGym Camp - Cesenatico (ITA)
16 – 23 July 2016

This year the camp/coaches’ course gathered in total 25 coaches, 99 gymnasts and 9 experts. Only gymnasts from Sweden and Finland attended the camp this year but that did not stop them enjoying the camp.  

Hosts Paulo and Franca worked hard to make our stay enjoyable at their unique Accademia Acrobatica.  They have five large gyms, four of which are massive tents but the pièce de résistance is a large modern open gym (No walls!) that is great in the hot weather.  All of them are kitted out with gymnastics equipment and together with their four dance rooms, various lecture halls and private beach area, this is a fantastic training facility.  With approximately 800 beds, several bars and restaurants in a hostel style it makes an ideal camp venue.  Besides all this, its interesting location next to a golden beach and of course the wonderful weather, cement its popularity.

As usual, the standard varied but generally it was very high.  The clubs had been asked to provide details of the individual gymnast’s ability level and for the first day, they were mixed up and put into six groups based on level.  This allowed the coaches to work in groups of similar standard and to learn their individual requirements. The groups were moved around between different coaches and different gyms.  The following days, they were put in to their teams giving coaches the ability to progress their teamwork as well as individual elements.

The level 1 Coaching Course has developed over the years and is now a very high quality theoretical and practical course, presented by three top coaches. The schedule was very challenging for the coaches, with morning afternoon and evening presentations, which included written and practical examination. The coaches may not have expected the physical involvement but they embraced it fully and appreciated the hands on approach of their tutors.

This year we had 9 experts let by Norway’s Brian Carlson.  With Anders Frisk (SWE), concentrating on the floor part of the course, Brian and Jimmy Ekstedt (SWE), took turns rotating between the camp and the course which maintained seven coaches working on the camp. Brian delivered the trampet to the course and Jimmy the tumbling part.  All three are excellent coaches with excellent presentation skill.

The other experts were Katrin Petursdottir (ISL) and Odin Horne (NOR) on floor plus Jonas Gustavsson (SWE), Nicolai Meredith (NOR), Johan Wikås (SWE) and Mike Andersen (DEN) sharing the tumbling and trampet coaching duties.  Katrin was also helped by Ia Giotis (SWE).  The quality of the coaching was excellent.

Of course it wasn’t all work and no play! The gymnasts enjoyed a day of rest during which trips were arranged to beautiful San Marino as well as the waterpark.  No such luck for the course attendees.  They had lectures on biomechanics and the TeamGym Code of Points, but they did have the afternoon off. A volleyball tournament was arranged, providing great games between gymnasts, coaches and experts.  

On the final evening a party lit up the beach with the hosts providing free ice-cream. Some of the teams had prepared a dance that encouraged everyone (well almost) to join in and let their hair down.  ‘Best camp ever’ was heard quite a few times!


By: Keith Hughes - Course Organizer


2015 UEG TeamGym Camp - Cesenatico (ITA)
Date: 18 – 25 July 2015 

For the 12th time already the TeamGym training camp for coaches and gymnasts, at least 12 years old, was organised. This time under the watchful eye of UEG experts Tobias Björn, Anders Frisk, Brian Carlsen, Johan Wikås, Henrik Pilgaard, Peter Larsson, Ása Inga Thorsteinsdottir and Anna Larsson.

In total 84 gymnasts and 32 TeamGym coaches from around Europe got further education in the three TeamGym disciplines: Floor, Tumbling and Trampet, supported by the eight Course and Camp experts. During this week all participants enjoyed TeamGym in this small and extremely warm Italian town by the Adriatic Sea. Luckily the participants had access to the beach and swimming pools to cool off after and in between intensive training sessions.


In total 15 different coaches participated in the separate coaches’ course to improve their coaching skills by getting helpful tools to develop their teams, making them grow and enjoy TeamGym on an even higher level.

This week, under the Italian sun and with its warm TeamGym atmosphere, will certainly give everyone involved a lot of new skills, memories and lasting impressions!

Thanks to Heli Lemmety and Per Sjöstrand for the information, and to Petr Gryga for the photos!

UEG TeamGym Camp 2014 - Cesenatico, Italy
On the first Saturday in August we said good bye to Cesenatico and the Italian seaside where the 11th edition of the UEG TeamGym Camp and Coaches‘ course took place from July 26th - August 2nd.
In total 61 gymnasts and 17 coaches from CZE, FIN, NOR, ITA and SWE supported by 6 experts enjoyed a week with a lot of floor, tumbling and trampet at Accademia Acrobatica located in the small town of Cesenatico, in Emilia Romagna, Italy.
A combination of outdoor and indoor training, possibilities to relax in the swimming pools or at the seaside, offers a perfect way to spend a summer camp that gymnasts and coaches like. The participants returned home not just full of memories and impressions, but of course with a lot of new skills and knowledge to help them to further develop, grow and enjoy TeamGym.
Looking forward to meeting you again next year!
Per Sjöstrand

The 9th UEG TeamGym Camp - report 
Venue: Cesenatico Italy 
Date: 20. – 27. of July 2013 
Gymnasts: 129 (11 clubs)
Coaches: 19
Countries: 11 (experts included) 
TC TG UEG: Rosa Dvoracek (AUT) and Heli Lemmetty (FIN)
Head coach Tobias Björn (SWE) - Tumbling and Trampette
Sofia Palmelius (SWE) - Floor
Johanna R?berg(SWE) - Floor
Jonas Gustafsson (SWE) -Trampet/Tumbling/Chiropractor
Brian Carlsen (NOR) -Trampet/Tumbling
Johan Vikås (NOR) - Trampet/Tumbling
Jimmy Ekstedt (SWE) -Trampet/Tumbling
Andreas Justermark (SWE) -Tumbling/Trampet
Helge Fisker (DEN) - Tumbling/Trampet
Anders Frisk (SWE) - Floor expert in the Coaches‘course
148 gymnasts and coaches from 10 countries AUT, DEN, EST, FIN, GBR, GER, ITA, NOR, ISL and SMR took part in the Team Gym Camp in Cesenatico this year.
Estonia, Island and Denmark attended first time.
Three well equipped halls – 2 outdoor-, indoor-, 2 ballet halls provided the best training’ possibilities.
The camp was running by best experienced experts’crew from SWE, DEN, and NOR. 
Head coach of the camp, Tobias Björn together with Jimmy Ekstedt and Anders Frisk
Were running the coaches course (Level 1) at the same time here in Cesenatico. 
This year, most of the gymnasts were not on that high level as in previous years. But the Camp has now found the teams level one. That level is the junior- level in TeamGym.
Thank you to the very good cooperation between coaches, gymnasts and experts; the progress of the skills of the gymnasts was very satisfied. Especially experts' pedagogical knowledge was recognised.
There were no serious injuries during the camp. The small physical problems were cured by the doctor and chiropractor.
On Tuesday (day off) participants went for a trip to San Marino and Mirabilandia. Every afternoon pleasure on the beach and games on Thursday evening brought nice variation to the hard training. Last evening, teams had a beach party to finalize the wonderful week.
The TeamGym Camp was hosted by Franca Casadei and Gianpaolo Ciavolella.
It was a great week. Many thanks!! 
The next year UEG TG Trainings’ Camp and Coaching’ Course will be organised from 26th July till 2nd August 2014 in Cesenatico again.  
Rosa Dvoracek and Heli Lemmetty

The 8th UEG TeamGym Camp - report

Venue: Cesenatico Italy

Date: 21. – 28. of July 2012 
Participants: 155 (10 clubs)
Countries: 9 (experts included) 
TC TG UEG: Rosa Dvoracek (AUT) and Heli Lemmetty (FIN)
Head coach Tobias Björn (SWE) -Tumbling and Trampette
Sofia Palmelius (SWE) - Floor
Johanna R?berg(SWE) - Floor
Jonas Gustafsson (SWE) -Trampet/Tumbling/Chiropractor
Brian Carlsen (NOR) -Trampet/Tumbling
Jimmy Ekstedt (SWE) -Trampet/Tumbling
Gunnar Jansson (SWE) -Tumbling/Trampet
Paolo Marazzina (ITA) - Physiotherapist
155 gymnasts and coaches from 8 countries AUT, CZE, ESP, FIN, GBR, GER, SWE and ITA took part in the Team Gym Camp in Cesenatico this year.
Three well equipped halls – outdoor-, indoor-, ballet halls provided the best trainings’ possibilities.
The camp was running by almost the same experts ’crew like last year. Coaches from previous years; Christian Vilppola and Anders Frisk were this year running the coaches course at the same time here in Cesenatico. They were placed with excellent professionals from Sweden. There was a very good cooperation between the coaches, gymnasts and experts. Great feedback was given to the experts.
There were no problems and serious injuries during the camp. The small physical problems were cured by the doctor, chiropractor and a physiotherapist.
An evening trip with a disco boat, a trip to Mirabilandia, a visit to the Water Park, Gladiator- games and everyday pleasure on the beach brought nice variation to the hard training.
Many thanks to Franca Casadei and Gianpaolo Ciavolella – the hosts of the UEG TeamGym camp. 
The next year UEG TG Trainings’ Camp and Coaching’ Course will be organised from 20st July till 27th July 2013 in Cesenatico again.  
Rosa Dvoracek and Heli Lemmetty

1st UEG TeamGym Coaches' Course held in Cesenatico, Italy.

During the last week of July the first UEG TeamGym coaches’ course took place in Cesenatico, Italy.
Participants and experts at the 1st TeamGym Coaches Course in Cesenatico, Italy, 2012
The course covered level 1-2 in all three TeamGym disciplines Floor, Tumbling and Trampet and was attended by 14 coaches from 6 different federations; Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Norway and Portugal.
The 6-day course also included lectures on coaching, biomechanics, safety and knowledge about the TeamGym the Code of Points. To complete the course all participants had to give a presentation on how to coach different skills and integrating all aspects learned throughout the whole week. 
Anders Frisk (SWE) and Christian Vilppola (SWE) served as course leaders and taught all three disciplines as well as theory lectures.
Per Sjöstrand and Heli Lemmetty, members TC-TG UEG, both gave presentations on the Code of Points for Floor, Tumbling and Trampet.
During the course a number of gymnasts from the UEG TeamGym training camp were available for the technical sessions. The high level of the participants and the flawless organization made this a very successful course. The overall experience among the participants was awesome. Thanks to all participants and especially the course leaders for making this first UEG TeamGym course a reality.
The TeamGym coaches’ education currently consists of three levels. 
The next level 1 course will most probably be held in Cesenatico towards the end of July 2013 and there are more level 2 and 3 courses to come during the coming year.