Golden Age Gymnastics Festival

Golden Age Gym Festival - Objectifs and content of the event

This "Gym Festival of movement and joie de vivre" for the 50+ generation has mainly the objective to inform the "older" generation of the 50 member federations of the UEG about numerous forms of movements. The participants, in the second half of their life, shall have pleasure and fun when participating in this gym festival; this is the reason why group presentations and spare-time activities are also planned.

Health in general as well as specific instruction measures to maintain or recover mobility of the “older” persons are important objectives of this event. To the pleasure to move and to do gymnastics are added the social aspects and cultural values of these events; all these facts increase the attractiveness of the Golden Age Gym Festival.

These festivals are organised every two years, in a place where it is warm even in winter, preferably in mid-season when the prices are interesting. The participants shall have the possibility to combine this event with their vacation and to spend one week in the sun.

The festival held in November 2005 in Maspalomas / Canary Islands with 1300 participants from 20 national federations proves that the objectives and the programme were highly appreciated. Many participants have asked the UEG to organize this festival at least every two years, if possible even every year.

The 1st official Golden Age Gym Festival was held from November 15th to 21st, 2008, in Maspalomas/Canarias/ESP. With 22 National Federation and more than 1700 participants, it was a great success.


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