Integrating Young and Old

People practice do general gymnastics because exercise is fun. Its value lies in particular
in the promotion of health, fitness and in doing sports with like-minded people in clubs and

General gymnastics proposes many different exercises, which are regularly adapted to trends
and the development of new programmes and sports.

Photos: Volker Minkus / UEG

Mentalities, cultures and traditions of the European member federations distinctively
characterise the varied offer within Europe. Among the different exercises proposed by general
gymnastics, one can find:

  • All sorts of gymnastics with or without apparatus or with conventional and unconventional hand apparatus
  • Fitness und health gymnastics
  • Fitness Aerobics
  • Jazz Gymnastics
  • All sorts of dances
  • Folklore and exercise forms which are characteristic for a country
  • Acrobatics
  • Tumbling
  • All sorts of group games
  • Exercises outside or in water
  • Events in popular sports which contribute to the preservation or increase of one's abilities