Technical committee

Technical Committee

Every four years, the General Assembly elects the Technical Committee composed of a total of seven members.
The General Assembly elects the President of the TC-GfA; the other six members are elected by the UEG Executive Committee.

For the current legislative period 2018-2021, the Committee Gymnastics for All is composed of:

  • Hlif THORGEIRSDOTTIR (ISL), President

  • As members:





















Heidi Marie




Tasks of the Technical Commitee Gymnastics for All

The main tasks are the promotion and spreading of general gymnastics.

This means:

  • to promote the value of general gymnastics and to rouse (nicht arouse) in it.
  • to support and advise the UEG-member federations when creating their structures which should allow all age and target groups to have access to general gymnastics.
  • to comprehend, analyse and gather the present development of sports and fitness and health offers within the UEG-member federations, as well as international trends, in order to prepare demand oriented new programs for all target groups.
  • to improve, plan the gymnastics festival for youth Eurogym and guide the Organisation Committees in organising and running this event.
  • to evaluate und implement the new “Golden Age Gym Festival” as an official event in the UEG calendar.
  • to use both events - the Eurogym and Golden Age Gym Festival – to spread and distribute the programs and contents of general gymnastics into the National Federations (workshops !!).
  • to support the member federations to initiate national events and to promote those events within the UEG member federations.