The international structure

Under the roof of the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), international gymnastics is divided in four continental unions.

The European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) is as the representative of the interests of the European continent with its 50 member federations the largest of the four continental unions.



The Structure of the UEG

Highest decision-taking Authority of the UEG is the General Assembly, which meets as a general rule every uneven year during the UEG congress year. The General Assembly is composed of delegates of the 48 UEG member federations.

The General Assembly elects every four years (the year after the Summer Olympic Games) the 19 members of the highest UEG Authorities (UEG Executive Committee), the President and the members of the Control Authority.

One of the main tasks of the EC/UEG is to carry out the decisions taken by the General Assembly and to control that the Statutes and Regulations are being respected.

The EC/UEG is composed of the UEG-President, three Vice-presidents and seven members, as well as of the Presidents of the eight Technical Committees. They represent the UEG disciplines and are therefore integrated when the EC/UEG has to make decisions.

The Technical Committees are responsible for the technical matters of the different UEG disciplines. According to the Statutes, the TCs are composed of 7 members.

The members of the Technical Committees are elected by the UEG Executive Committee.

All elected members of the UEG Authorities are working on an honorary basis for the UEG.

All administrative tasks and the daily work are carried out by the UEG Secretariat (with office in Lausanne/Switzerland) under the management of the General Director.