Visual Identity

Preliminary Remarks

The European Union of Gymnastics has to inform national and international gymnastics and sports organisations, the media, the public and partners from economy and industry by means of performing tools.

In 1995, the UEG has created a new and modern Corporate Design, which is being updated. With this CD, the UEG wants to present itself in the public, the media and member federations as a dynamic, young and professional representative of European gymnastics.

The Corporate Design forms an integral part of communication. Therefore, the logos, and the names and other prescribed forms have to indicate very clearly who is the sender of the message.

The UEG CD has the objective to present its programmes, projects, events and publications clearly as an action of the UEG.

This manual helps to give clear and uniform indications about the use of logos and names.

The consistency in the use of the UEG logos on different communication platforms ensures recognition and attracts attention.


Conditions for the use of the content of this internet website - UEG copyright

Intellectual Property - disclaimer:

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Conditions for use:

In view of the above, any use different than personal use (namely in a close family or friend circle) is to be submitted to the express and written authorisation of the UEG Secretariat / Press service, and has to respect the following conditions:

1-    the texts, logos and photographs, or any other content, can in no way be modified in whatever manner it may be (whether in their format, size, colours, cuttings, etc…);

2-   the source shall be clearly indicated as being the UEG website,, with an active link to the same;

3-    an express authorisation from the UEG Secretariat / Press service is to be requested in written form at the following address:


Legal consequences:

Any violation of the rules outlined above will be considered as an unauthorised and infringing use of the UEG material. The UEG will take all necessary measures in order to safeguard its legal rights. All legal actions remain reserved.