European Championships and events 2017:

Media Accreditations

We kindly ask you to respect the accreditation deadlines.

Only the requests from journalists / professional photographers, holding a press card (national or international) or presenting a formal request from the media they represent (editor’s letter) will be accepted. The correspondents of the National Federations will also have to address to the UEG an official request (by e-mail, fax or mail) of the federation which they represent.

The accredited media will receive in due time, direct information from the different organising committees.


For any request of information, please contact the UEG office:

By e-mail:


10th European Championships in Aerobic Gymnastics

September 22 to 24 2017 - Ancona (ITA)

Definitive registrations: 24.06.2017

Nominative registrations: 25.08.2017

Media accreditation deadline:  07.09.2017


28th European Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics

October 19 to 22 2017 - Rzeszow (POL)

Definitive registrations: 19.07.2017

Nominative registrations: 21.09.2017

Media accreditation deadline:  05.10.2017

To request your accreditation, click here!


27th Congress

December 1 to 2 2017 - Split (CRO)

Media accreditation deadline:  22.11.2017

To request your accreditation, click here!

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