Aerobic is a worldwide practiced physical activity, which represents an excellent method to improve the general physical condition for all.

The word "aerobic" was used for the first time in 1875, when the French Doctor, Pasteur classified the bacteria that needed oxygen to live as "aerobic". A word, which in its Greek origin means"oxygen for life".

In the 60´s, Kenneth Cooper started to present some research studies, showing that low intensive aerobic exercise programs contributed to prevent the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and that these programs were an effective method of loosing weight. In 1968, Cooper applied these aerobic physical activity programs to groups of people that suffered from cardiovascular diseases. He concluded that the practice of low or medium intensive aerobic exercise programmes improved the functions of the cardiovascular system along with developing muscular strength and resistance.

Based on the Cooper investigation studies and physical programs, Jackie Sorensen created , the "Aerobic Dance Training Programme" in the 70's. This program used the exercises from the Canadian Air Force, executed with music and including some modern dancing steps. These first classes were only for women.

At the same time, in the United States, Phyllis C. Jacobson, developed a new training method called "Hooked on aerobic", based on the same previous methods of aerobic activities, with aerobic programmes of low or medium intensity.

The big promotional boom happened later with Jane Fonda, who produced aerobic programmes in her books and home videos. At this stage of development, aerobic became a physical activity in a class format, the aim being not only the improvement of the physical condition but also of the physical appearance by weight loss and muscular toning.

In Europe, Monica Beckman was one of the first to teach these classes in Europe combined with Jazz Dancing classes.

Following the big success of aerobics in the 80's, the first rules for aerobic competitions were introduced. Based on the aerobic class steps like jumping jacks, push ups and high kicks, a simplified competition was created and held for the first time in the United States of America in 1985. Afterwards, other countries like Canada, Japan and Brazil started organizing national and international aerobic competitions.

Since aerobic is a hybrid sport, which is composed of movements of other sport disciplines like jazz and modern dancing, artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, etc, it was however still searching for it's own identity.

In 1995, the FIG recognised sports aerobic as a new competitive gymnastics discipline and organised Judges and Coaches courses and the 1st World Sports aerobic Championship. The UEG has integrated aerobics since 1999. In 2004 by decision of FIG Congress Sport Aerobics was renamed to Aerobic Gymnastics. In uneven years UEG conducts Aerobic Gymnastics Championship.

The UEG organises junior training camps and Aerobics European Championships for juniors and seniors. 

The Technical Committee of Aerobic Gymnastic