Newsletter n°14 - July 26th, 2013

Newsletter n°14 - July 26th, 2013

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Official UEG Bulletin : find the 1st online version of its n°83

At the end of 2012, it was decided to no loger print the official UEG Bulletin and to publish it via the UEG Newsletter twice a year.

Please find the 1st online version by clicking here.


2013: the UEG is in the last year of its cycle 2009 - 2013 and will focus on its autorities

This year is marked by the organisation of European Championships in ART, RG, ACRO and AER gymnastics but also by the organisation of the UEG electoral congress in December.

After a number of interviews dedicated throughout the year 2012, to the 30th anniversary of the UEG, with key personalities involved in the creation of the European Union of Gymnastics in 1982, we will propose you for 2013 to discover or rediscover, through the UEG Newsletter, the TC presidents of our 8 discplines before proposing the interviews of the vice-presidents and finally the UEG president.

To discover the interview n°1 of Mrs Y. Brasier (WAG), click here.

To discover the interview n°2 of Mr G. Marzolla (MAG), click here.

To discover the interview n°3 of Mrs H. Bruneder (RG), click here.

To discover the interview n°4 of Mr E. J. Mogensen (TRA)click here.

To discover the interview n°5 of Mr L. Colton (ACRO)click here.

To discover the interview n°6 of Mr K. Hughes (TG)click here.

To discover the interview n°7 of Mrs C. Casentini (AER)click here.

To discover the interview n°8 of Mr D. Mann (GfA)click here.

Did you know...

Return on the international competitions of July 2013

July was very rich in gymnastics events with important international multisport manifestations.
Click here to find more information about these events.

The UEG News

On the home page of the UEG website, you can regularly discover the latest news of European Gymnastics (block TOP NEWS). Don't forget that you can also read all news of the UEG by clicking on the block "ALL NEWS".
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This second part of the year 2013 is marked by the organisation of 2 important UEG events:

7th European Age Group Games in Acrobatic Gymnastics

26th European championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics

16 - 28.10.2013, Odivelas (POR)
For more information, click here

8th European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships

04 - 10.11.2013, Arques (FRA)
For more information, click here

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