Viktoria Mazur: “With sport, I will never part”

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Viktoria Mazur: “With sport, I will never part”

October 27, 2017

The recently retired Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast talks about her career, her husband and the future

Born in Luhansk on 15 October 1995, Viktoria Mazur started competing internationally as a junior in 2007. With the Ukrainian team she won bronze at the junior Europeans one year later. She made her senior debut in 2010, competing for the Ukrainian national team both as an individual rhythmic gymnast and as a member of the group. At the 2012 London Olympics, she placed fifth with the group.

On 8th August Mazur married her boyfriend Vladimir whom she actually met on Instagram. A few weeks later she competed at the World Championships in Pesaro (ITA) where she placed 17th in the all-around final. Shortly after this meet, Mazur announced her retirement.

In an interview with the fabulous Ukrainian revealed a lot about herself …

Many athletes write sad posts when leaving their sport, cry after the last performance, but you looked quite happy and contented with yourself. Is this really so?

Yes it is. I was more satisfied than ever. I managed to enjoy my performances. Despite the fact that it was the World Championships, it was clearly not to the point of tears. This last day of the competition put in my heart a point of joy, inspiration for the future and left inexpressible emotions. All my falls and disappointments for 11 years, spent in the national team of Ukraine with my sports family – Albina Deriugina, Irina Deriugina and Irisha Blokhina – were poured into this one unforgettable day - September 1, 2017.

Honestly, it seemed from the side that for you it was the best start and, perhaps, you gained some confidence thanks to your husband's support?

Yes, it was my best start! I'm not talking about performances, first of all, but about my inner state, the harmony within myself, which was present during the tournament. On the eve of the World Championships, my husband talked and kept in touch with my coaches Irina Deryugina and Irina Blokhina, they were my support and did everything possible to get me into the right condition during the competitions … we succeeded.

What do you think, what you did not have to become a champion and get onto the podium?

As for me, this season, probably, I was more likely to take medals compared to the previous ones. However, I was more in harmony with the rules from 2012 to 2016. Now it's hard for me and I cannot hide it.

What are you doing now?

At the moment - helping the younger generation. I also have a couple of participations in Italy, so I need to keep in shape.

Are you a coach or you have not decided yet? Is there any thought to do something other than gymnastics?

I want to be a coach, I have a lot of interest in such work, I see how children listen to me.

You just got married. If it is possible, tell more about your husband? Who is he, what does he do?My husband's name is Vladimir, he's from Donetsk. In professional terms, he has his own business project.

How do you in the role of wife? Are you coping with everyday life or are you just learning?

In the role of his wife very well. I can say that we are happy! I am a family person, I like to take care of and give love to the people close to me. I cope with everyday life, I have never had this problem.

So, you met on Instagram. Do you remember the first date? When did you realise that this is love?

Yes, I met through Instagram. The first date, of course, I remember. At first I did not understand the course of his thoughts at all, I remember that in the evening, while sitting at home, I began to rethink our conversation and realised that this was the thinking of an adult, a real man, who was striving for a serious, sincere relationship. This could not help but please me.

When did I realise that this is love? Literally 4 months into the relationship, I wanted Vova to propose to me. Then I already clearly understood that I love him, and after another three months we became a husband and wife.

Your coaches were not against it?

As you can see, the coaches did not mind. Every girl should be loved, they are only happy for me.

How do they generally react to the fact that the gymnasts begin to meet with the guys?

We have a hard time with our personal lives. The coach always wants the athletes to give themself completely to work. But in my case, the relationship was good, Irina and Irisha, having met Vova, were only "for".

How did your then guy treat your way of life - employment, frequent travels, fatigue? He is not an athlete?

Vova, in a word, has been absorbed into my activity. He craved to help me cope with stress before going out on the carpet. He got in touch with Irisha and Irina, they could find the key to the doors that led me to the right condition.

If possible, tell us how he proposed?

It was during the World Games in Wroclaw. Vova telephoned me and asked: "Will you become mine?". I, without suspecting anything, answered: "I'm still yours," and he says: "No, mine forever", then a pause and after a second he adds: "... my wife." Without a backward thought, I answered: "Yes", after which I called back and asked a question: "Did you joke?". And he: "I am talking seriously with you now." At that moment emotions overwhelmed me, then I did not sleep until three o'clock in the morning and could not believe that on arrival in Kiev Vova would propose. After all, it was from him that I wanted to hear these cherished words.



Now, thanks to your husband, you will not be sad to say goodbye to the sport, because, as you say, Vladimir has become your mainstay in life?

With sport, I will never part, so no need to be sad! And Vova - yes, he is my support in life. For these six months he did the impossible for me. I remember how we celebrated his birthday and Vova's mother, Svetlana, said the following: "My son, I never thought that you would become a support in life for me and Vika."