Ukraine, Portugal and Russia claim junior all-around European titles

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Ukraine, Portugal and Russia claim junior all-around European titles

October 21, 2017

Competition report of the junior all-around finals at #ACRO2017

Excitement was building in the Podpromie Hall today as the junior gymnasts performed their combined exercise. This score, added to their balance and dynamic scores, determined the all-around champions.


Women’s Pairs

Going into the final with a comfortable lead of almost a point and a half, the Ukrainian ladies Oleksandra-Mariia Tabachynska and Yuliia Pylypiak delighted the crowd with an entertaining routine that brought home to European title. Russia’s Iasmina Ishankulova and Kristina Garshina caught up some ground but the gap was too big to overcome. The Russians did surpass Great Britain’s Stephanie Ricketts and Stamatia Raftapolou to claim the silver medal.


1. Oleksandra-Mariia Tabachynska & Yuliia Pylypiak (UKR) 83.500

2. Iasmina Ishankulova & Kristina Garshina (RUS) 82.320

3. Stephanie Ricketts & Stamatia Raftapolou (GBR) 81.940

4. Mariana Candeias & Marta Nunes (POR) 81.460

5. Maryna Kulahina & Anna Distel (BLR) 79.100

6. Arbel Rubinstein & Noa Kaplan (ISR) 77.780


Men’s Pairs

Andrei Zuev and Artem Simonov, representing Russia, topped both the balance and dynamic qualifications and extended their lead even further with an amazing combined routine that gave them an advantage of more than 2 points over their main rivals Callum Portugal-Walker and Kieran Blower of Great Britain. Another point behind were the Portuguese pair Henrique Branco and Tomas Filipe who managed to climb up from fourth position to beat Belarussians Aleh Mikhalevich and Maksim Markevich for the bronze medal. The Kiss and Cry zone lived up to its name when tears of joy ran down the cheeks of the Portuguese coach, who is also the mother of one of the gymnasts.  


1. Andrei Zuev & Artem Simonov (RUS) 86.150

2. Callum Portugal-Walker & Kieran Blower (GBR) 83.950

3. Henrique Branco & Tomas Filipe (POR) 82.940

4. Aleh Mikhalevich & Maksim Markevich (BLR) 82.700

5. Mykyta Lukakhin & Mykyta Nikitin (UKR) 79.290

6. Aleksander Szczerbaty & Dominik Pozniak (POL) 78.240

7. Nils Beuven & Lars Erik Pohl (GER) 78.000

8. Shavit Attar & Gaul Feldman (ISR) 73.840


Mixed Pair

Another head-to-head battle for gold evolved in this exciting final between qualification leaders Aleksandra Balandina and Valeriy Tukhashvili of Russia and Belgian European champions in the balance exercise Marte Snoeck and Bram Roettger. Just two tenths separated them going into this final exercise where both pairs showed off excellent routines, giving each other a run for their money. Russia scored slightly higher, 28.500 compared to Belgium’s 28.450, to take the gold medal. Azerbaijan’s Aghasif Rahimov and Nurjan Jabbarli excelled in this final, producing a superb routine to firmly claim the bronze medal ahead of birthday girl Mollie Jaggers and her partner Rhys Cowler of Great Britain.


1. Aleksandra Balandina & Valeriy Tukhashvili (RUS) 84.450

2. Marte Snoeck & Bram Roettger (BEL) 84.200

3. Aghasif Rahimov & Nurjan Jabbarli (AZE) 83.000

4. Rhys Cowler & Mollie Jaggers (GBR) 81.950

5. Britney Bordewijk & Stein Briggen (NED) 81.720

6. Daniel Blintsov & Xenia Denise Mehlhaff (GER) 81.680

7. Ilya Famenkou & Viktoryia Akhotnikava (BLR) 80.650

8. Julien Fillette & Victoire Seon (FRA) 80.600

9. Mariela Kostadinova & Panayot Dimitrov (BUL) 80.050

10. Dmytro Bordiakivskyi & Nataliya Yuskiv (UKR) 79.740

11. Amit Gutmacher & Gaia Kadosh (ISR) 79.570

12. Marcin Firak & Julia Fajfur (POL) 76.680

13. Tamar Kutateladze & Saba Zazadze (GEO) 74.840

14. Dmitrii Bargan & Antonina Sapcova (MDA) 73.140


Women’s Groups

Russia and Portugal each laid claim on the top position in qualifications, for their balance and the dynamic routine respectively. Just 0.150 separated the two talented groups, making it a nervous wait for both teams as Portugal’s score was projected on the big screen. 28.400 compared to Russia’s 27.850 brought the Portuguese audience on their feet as they celebrated the second European title for this fantastic trio. Silver went to Russia, who were almost a point ahead of Ukrainians Olena Vykhavanets, Inna Kaplanska and Iryna Khyzhniak.


1. Joana Moreira, Rita Ferreira & Beatriz Carneiro (POR) 85.100

2. Amila Lozhkina, Ekaterina Sergeeva & Elizaveta Sergeeva (RUS) 84.400

3. Olena Vykhavanets, Inna Kaplanska & Iryna Khyzhniak (UKR) 83.450

4. Krystsina Lishova, Hanna Katsuba & Alina Kandziuliova (BLR) 82.740

5. Caitlin Owston, Amelia Pamler & Bethany Macdougall (GBR) 82.420

6. Anais Forlacroix, Julie Philouze & Claire Philouze (FRA) 82.200

7. Lisanne Hulder, Famke Van Wieren & Mare Blaam (NED) 81.060

8. Inbal Zeitonei, Yarin Ovadia & Meshi Hurvitz (ISR) 81.050

9. Martyna Bator, Wanesa Kaminska & Julia Wrobel (POL) 77.740

10. Lisa Mueller, Lena Waschulewski & Xenia Bartel (GER) 77.170

11. Karen Vanderdonckt, Carina Pittomvils & Noor Gerits (BEL) 74.340

12. Sopo Goglidze, Nana Chakvetadze & Tiniko Rizhamadze (GEO) 74.030


Men’s Group – out of competition

Only 3 groups participated in the men’s group competition with Russia dominating the event, posting the highest score on all exercises. Andrey Besedin, Artem Balashov, Nikolay Fedosov and Vladislav Vinogradov got a gold medal from the organisers while Aidan Lim, Alberto Cardillo-Zallo, Alexander Balfe and Alexander Papworth Great Britain were the clear second, ahead of Belarussians Mikita Barysenka, Uladzislau Lishou, Artsiom Bukhvalau and Raman Makaranka.


1. Andrey Besedin, Artem Balashov, Nikolay Fedosov & Vladislav Vinogradov (RUS) 84.000

2. Aidan Lim, Alberto Cardillo-Zallo, Alexander Balfe & Alexander Papworth (GBR) 81.150

3. Mikita Barysenka, Uladzislau Lishou, Artsiom Bukhvalau & Raman Makaranka (BLR) 74.350