The President's Note N°7 2016

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The President's Note N°7 2016

July 13, 2016

By Georges Guelzec, UEG President


Dear friends

In just a few weeks the Games begin. Never before has the celebration of an Olympiad, the 31st already, fed as much the columns of our daily news. Nothing is spared in Rio de Janeiro. Endogenous crises and their political and financial consequences, added to exogenous events such as organised doping, created a climate in which Olympism has trouble deploying its values.

For the first time in its history, gymnastics competes in the highest category of the Games. This perspective pleases us all. Nevertheless, I’d like to attract the attention of the gymnasts who are responsible for what this status implies. Of course, everyone has understood the financial benefit the FIG receives from this updated ranking. I hope that the same people have understood the obligations that result from this.

I call out to the European Federations to live up to this prestigious status, in sportsmanship and ethics, as a model for the billions of people who will observe our deeds and gestures in Rio de Janeiro. We effectively have no other choice than to lead by example, to show our modernity and equally our humility, in front of a media phenomenon that transcends us all. Our sport will prove to be flamboyant, dramatic and shimmering, like recently in Holon, on the occasion of our European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Israeli gymnastics has lifted itself into the hierarchy of nations likely to deliver mayor events, having shown –with brio- the organisational capacity at all levels. Holon was a success at many levels. Sports-wise, the level of the performances presented by the participating delegations was remarkable. Popularity-wise, shown by the presence of a big, passionate and informed audience. Media-wise for the record audience numbers observed especially on social media. I address my appreciation to the organisers, especially to President Ophir Pines-Paz and his staff, to the Authorities of the City of Holon and to my friend Jacky Wischnia, omnipresent on all fronts.

In only a few days, European gymnastics will celebrate the 10 anniversary of its EUROGYM, in the Czech Republic, in Ceske-Budejovice. It’s the biggest event on our calendar, as it puts on stage our most precious asset, our heritage, Gymnastics for All. This movement, its millions of gymnasts, form the base of our entire pyramid, the pedestal on which all the other disciplines in our programme are anchored and constructed. I address my wishes for a big success to my Czech friends, to the President Roman Slavik, to the organisers, as well as to all the forces united around Alberto Claudino Loureiro Nunes and his Gymnastics for All Technical Committee.

Before concluding this summerly Note, I want to thank our Presidential Board and our Executive Committee, for their presence at my side in the conduct of the UEG affairs. Sensitive and strategic files never cease to nurture our debates. As was the case a few days ago in Lausanne, where important decisions were taken which will be the object of specific developments in the near future. I remember nevertheless from our discussions the will of everyone to follow our efforts in looking for quality at all organisational levels of our events. The creation of a pool of professionals is now a reality. All this knowhow forms the core of a UEG Task Force that will guide our Championships in the spirit of our sport and towards the expectations of our public.

I wish you all a nice summer.

Georges GUELZEC, Président de l’UEG