The President's Note N°6 2016


The President's Note N°6 2016

June 13, 2016

By Georges Guelzec, UEG President

Dear Friends,

The images of Bern and the European Championships are still very present in our mind and I won’t hide from you the great joy and pride this competition brought me and this for many reasons.

In the first place as a gymnast. The technical presentation and the quality of expression of our gymnasts wowed me. Our gymnastics raises its level, diversifies its talents. This progress is perceptible and the Swiss audience, real connoisseurs, took notice and acknowledged this sportingly and rightly so.

Of course I observed the Europeans in my role of the President of the UEG and I confess this also brought numerous sources of satisfaction. I point out especially the spirit, the loyalty and the solidarity that has permeated the junior tournament. This generation, the one of the chats, the tweets and posts illuminates our sport’s freshness and intelligence. Once too compartmentalised, the gymnasts exchange, sympathise and give our sport an image others are jealous of. I’m very proud of this and would like to thank them for setting this example. I add that the same junior gymnasts and their entourage have demonstrated such talent that is sure to lead them to realise their dreams at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Bern was also the object of another satisfaction, certainly less spectacular but equally comforting.

Our second Seminar dedicated to Communication was a success unanimously shared by all who assisted. My recognition goes to the invited speakers: Denis Oswald (IOC), Nicolas Maingot (FIFA), our friend and TV consultant, Jean-François Rossé, the representatives of the National Federations of Italy, Great Britain and Ireland, from whom we learned a lot, as can surely be expected from a Seminar of this type.

Satisfaction again after the strategic meeting dedicated to the FIG elections which will take place next October.

To my knowledge, never before has a European -or even global- forum given its candidates the chance to express themselves verbally and to comment on the content of the electoral programme. This approach is mine and goes in the direction of a governance exercised transparently. Like all other candidates, I developed the topics that motivate my candidacy, those being governance, communication, development, support of the Federations who need it most. To achieve this, an effort will be imperative to find the resources for this funding. Money is needed to do gymnastics. Not the opposite!

In the immediate future, our eyes shift to the Rhythmic Europeans in Holon (ISR), to Ceske Budejovice (CZE) and the 10th EUROGYM and of course to Rio and its Olympics. My best wishes accompany our representatives. I thank them for their efforts, for their sacrifices. They are our ambassadors, I am grateful.

Before ending this Note, I’d like to address myself to the Swiss Federation, its President Erwin Grossenbacher, to the Bern Organising Committee, its boss, Heinz Müller and its Director Lisa Worthmann, its volunteers, the Swiss public, and express my recognition. Together, they signed one of the most beautiful pages of our history.

Thank you Switzerland!

With my compliments.

Georges GUELZEC,

UEG President