The President's Note N° 9 2018

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The President's Note N° 9 2018

September 10, 2018

By Dr. Farid Gayibov, UEG President

Dear members of the Gymnastics family!


In August, Artistic Gymnastics was in the limelight as we witnessed the European Women’s and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow (GBR). For the first time, the UEG event was a part of a new project – the multi-sport European Championships, combining 7 sports in 2 cities. In this regard, we had to change the dates of our European Championships and hold it not in spring as we usually do, but in summer.

During the first two weeks of August, there was a gap on TV as no other major sport events were going on. And we got a huge benefit from it by having more visibility throughout Europe and even Asia and Latin America. Leading TV Channels in many countries broadcasted our events and the number of viewers increased significantly.

Due to the joint efforts of the European Championships Management, British Gymnastics, the Glasgow City Council, the representatives of which held a number of meetings and were present almost at all competition sessions, we had very successful Championships organised at the highest possible level. The experience of British Gymnastics reinforced with committed volunteers and a crowded venue presented us the gymnastics we had all been dreaming off. I would like to emphasise the highest performance level of not only senior gymnasts but juniors as well. The junior gymnasts also managed to attract many spectators and I was pleased to see full stands at the events of the rising stars especially during the women’s competitions. This is the level we shall maintain while being open to innovation. We experienced new introductions in gymnastics within the framework of the 1st European Games in 2015 and saw many new things at events in Glasgow. Being a part of these very interesting projects greatly contributed to the further popularisation of gymnastics disciplines across Europe.

Furthermore, the UEG Executive Committee made the decision to organise the European Championships in Aerobic and Rhythmic Gymnastics in Baku (AZE) in 2 consecutive weeks in 2019. It will be some kind of mini multi-gymnastics Championships. We will test this format and consider the possibility to have joint events in other gymnastics disciplines as well. At present, multi-sport events gradually become more popular and there is the necessity to think of this format with multi-gymnastics competitions. In this way, the smaller gymnastics disciplines will have an opportunity to be promoted due to the popularity of the more broadcasted ones.

Next month promises to be very interesting with our third Gymnastics for All event this year - Golden Age Gym Festival in Pesaro (ITA). I am confident that many spectators will gather to watch the brilliant performances executed by the people of different ages.

The European gymnasts made us proud with the level of gymnastics they skilfully demonstrated at the European Championships. I would like to wish them successes at the World Championships in the 3 Olympic gymnastics disciplines starting with Rhythmic Gymnastics. Be courageous, go ahead and show the power of European Gymnastics! Europe believes and puts trust in you.


With my best regards,

Dr. Farid Gayibov