The President's Note N° 6 2018

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The President's Note N° 6 2018

June 11, 2018

By Farid Gayibov, UEG President

Dear members of Gymnastics family!

We left one more month behind us. As expected, May was saturated with international competitions and events.

One of the main events was the FIG Executive Committee Meeting followed by the 18th FIG Council held in Istanbul on May 11 & 12. Important decisions such as the allocation of the FIG’s major competitions and events, changes to the FIG Technical Regulations, update of Apparatus Norms, ideas of creation of an independent Ethics Foundation and making possible changes to the FIG Statutes for having gender equality within the FIG Authorities have found their subsequent approval. I am confident that all the deliberations we had will facilitate to the sophistication of the FIG structure and the further gymnastics development worldwide.

Also in May, UEG organized its third Communication Seminar in Lausanne. With the participation of representatives from 16 UEG affiliated Federations, the seminar turned out to be very useful as it revealed the main problems the national Federations encounter in their daily activities and during major (inter)national events. And it was very interesting to know, that, notwithstanding the size of the country and how much they work, the problems are the same as in the case of smaller countries.

During the seminar, it was very interesting to listen to the representatives of the management of the inaugural European Championships to be held in Glasgow and Berlin this year – Mr. Nicolas Duchoud and Mr. David Owen. A detailed comparison had a place between gymnastics and cycling thanks to Mr. Jérôme Lacroix, the Business Development Manager of the International Cycling Association, who participated in the panel debate at the seminar.

Seminars of this kind are very useful and I think we shall hold them more often and not only with the people working in the communication field but also with the officials of the UEG affiliated Federations. Moreover, I think we shall appoint some time for discussions of the problems with the Federations’ representatives they have in their activities during the UEG Congresses. It will help us to find joint solutions and progress a lot both on the national and international level.

From Central Europe I continued my way to its Eastern part to attend the FIG World Challenge Cup in Croatian Osijek on May 24-27. By distinguishing itself with unusual and special events, the Croatian Gymnastics Federation hosted this event at the highest level. A big advertisement campaign was carried out in the park located in the city center with a participation of musicians, variety performer stars and organization of different shows. Even the athletes’ draw for finals was conducted there in presence of the large audience. This is the perfect way for the Federation to popularize this discipline, and, the next day, the hall was crowded to watch the athletes’ final performances.

Within the framework of my Croatian visit, I also met with the President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Mr. Zlatko Mateša. He shared his vision on many points necessary for overall sports development which were very impressive to know.

After Croatia, I set out for Central Europe again – this time for Slovenia. There, I met with the President of the European Olympic Committees Mr. Janez Kocijancic.We mainly discussed the European Games in Minsk, as well as future plans. I express my gratitude to Mr. Kocijancic for finding the time to meet.

I also had an opportunity to meet with the Secretary General of the Slovenian Olympic Committee Mr. Edvard Kolar and the Secretary General of the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation Mr. Enis Hodzic Lederer. As Mr. Kolar also comes from the gymnastics world, formerly being coach of two-time Parallel Bars’ World Champion Mitja Petkovšek, we had a very interesting and productive conversation by exchanging our views on gymnastics’ development.

As you can see, May was full of productive and efficient meetings, exchanges of views, suggestion of many new ideas and plans. Our goal is, along with these ideas & positive exchanges, to include also the problems the UEG affiliated Federations have into the Agenda of our next EC Meeting to be held in June.

The European continent is too vast to content itself with what has been achieved in gymnastics. We should definitely do better with huge potential, purposeful ideas, and European audience’s willingness to watch something new in the traditional gymnastics disciplines. 

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Farid Gayibov