The President's Note N° 6 2017

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The President's Note N° 6 2017

June 6, 2017

By Georges Guelzec, UEG President

Dear friends

The recent Rhythmic Europeans in Budapest shone a light on European gymnastics and projected the discipline to a level of quality and emotions never before achieved. A spectacular and motivating success which we owe first of all to our gymnasts and their staff: coaches, choreographers, physios, team leaders. I express my profound gratitude and thank them for this message of excellence addressed to sport in its broadest sense.

A special mention also goes to my friends of the host Federation. The level of organisation deployed in Budapest was impressive in quality and efficiency, two comments that came to my ears and were shared by all those present. Congratulations and thank you to everyone, delegations, officials, staff for this great vintage that we will remember forever.

Also in Budapest but in regards to the 2020 Artistic Gymnastics European Championships, we have good reasons to look for to these events as we signed the contracts with the organisers, for the men it will be in Baku (AZE) and for the women in Paris (FRA).

And in Baku, I recently participated in the FIG Council, during which the integration of a new discipline was mentioned. If I can understand a legitimate desire to expand gymnastics, I am of the opinion that in terms of developments and the Olympic future, it is necessary to focus on the existing disciplines. I’m sure the gymnasts of Aerobics, Acrobatics and Tumbling share the same vision. At the UEG we have the privilege to count on the spectacular development of TeamGym, a formula that brings together competition and fun and which every day attracts a young and growing public to indulge in an original form of gymnastics. In Baku, other sirens seduced the ears of FIG.

Regarding UEG, we have our next Executive Committee meeting coming up in Lausanne. Together we will have to demonstrate our ability to analyse and synthesise the work of the work group ‘Strategy’, which has been working since November 2014 in London. We are in the process of drafting the roadmap containing the concrete steps to be proposed to the UEG delegates who will participate in our General Assembly in Split early December. I, like all of you, count on the conclusions of this work to consolidate the development of our Union and of its members.

At the end of this month, we will take, with great emotion, leave of our General Director, Kirsi Erofejeff-Engman. We will pay her the tribute she deserves on the occasion of our next Executive Committee. But I would like to take the opportunity of this President’s Note to remind everyone of the tremendous work that Kirsi has done, under sometimes difficult conditions. Her competence has done wonders, as have been the elegance and intelligence with which she led her action. The UEG is indebted to her for the healthy situation we enjoy today. On your behalf, I express my gratitude from the entire UEG Family.

Thank you Kirsi and all the best in the new responsibilities that will be yours in Finland.


With my compliments

Georges Guelzec, President.

Avec mes compliments.

Georges Guelzec, Président.