The President's Note N° 5 2016

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The President's Note N° 5 2016

May 10, 2016

By Georges Guelzec, UEG President



Dear friends,

Only a few months separate us from the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The recent test event has on one side shown the need to operate this kind of dress rehearsal and on the other side that our Brazilian friends will do everything to be ready on 5 August to host the cream of the crop of Olympic gymnastics.

Brazil is going through a difficult period in many aspects. We have to keep in mind that the task of a country, a host city, an organising committee is titanic and punctuated with sometimes unpredictable difficulties. Without the organisers, without their volunteers, without their strong financial, technological, political anchors, our gymnasts, you and I are powerless.

An organiser, however competent, can’t anticipate all the risks, all the most unexpected cases. Our Romanian friends know this better than anyone! Also, we must apprehend the role of an organiser with attention and goodwill.

At the European level, gymnastics is courted by the organisers. We are pleased without giving in to a myopic vision of our long-term development. Our contacts and experiences achieved in the context of European multi-sports competitions has to inspire reflexion and motivate us in our choices. Gymnastics possesses a great audience spectre and an immense artistic capital, both with our seniors and our juniors. That is our strength. Our potential. Our richness. We have the resources and are ready to assume the demands we receive.

Bern, host city of the next European Championships, gives us another source of satisfaction. Our gymnasts will be in good hands and we are all grateful for this demonstration of expertise and enthusiasm by our Helvetic friends.  

This manifestation will also serve as the platform for 2 major events of our Union, two meetings, two subjects for reflexion that everyone should keep in mind.

The first will be our seminar dedicated to Communication.  On the programme are crisis management, facing the camera and live streaming. A panel of rare quality was formed, including the following names: Denis Oswald, IOC member, and Nicolas Maingot, Communications Director at FIFA.

The second meeting will unite those who are candidate for the FIG statutory elections in October. In the spirit of the long-term vision of our Union and gymnastics in its broadest sense, your attendance is required to feed a debate and design a development strategy across all continents. It’s both our will and our responsibility as the most important union of the FIG.

I count on your participation.

Post Scriptum

In name of our entire community and in your name, I addressed our sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of our friend Saif Abouedel (KUW), who passed away on 2 May, after illness, at the age of 48. He was a member of the FIG authorities, elected to the Council in 2008 in Helsinki and to the Executive Committee in 2012 in Cancun.


With my compliments,


Georges GUELZEC, 
UEG President