The President's Note N° 3 2018

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The President's Note N° 3 2018

March 15, 2018

By Farid Gayibov, UEG President

Dear members of the gymnastics family,

Today’s generation in our fast-changing world expects to see something new, something fascinating. And gymnastics offers this. Our disciplines show such a diversity that no other sports do. UEG should follow the FIG and think of possible changes, both in rules and competition format which suit all people involved best. Of course, athletes and their performance, coaches’ needs and the expertise of the Technical Committees are very important and shall take precedence. However, we should not forget our other client groups like spectators and our partners, sponsors, TV companies and media representatives covering our events. The partners should be interested to contribute, spectators should be interested to come and watch, TV companies should be interested to broadcast. All this will lead to the success and popularity of our sport and mass involvement in gymnastics. For the purpose of making reasonable changes, we need to find a balance between the objectives of the Executive and the interests of the Technical Committees. Only by achieving this compromise, gymnastics will increase its popularity and success with spectacular events, watched from the stands and on TV, enthusiastic spectators, more interested partners and sponsors. Our gymnastics events deserve the popularity we dream of.

At the start of a new competition season, in February, the major event for European Gymnastics was the UEG YOG Qualifying competition in Rhythmic Gymnastics, held within the framework of the Grand Prix in Moscow on February 15. The names of 18 Rhythmic gymnasts qualified from Europe for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in October 2018 were defined at the Luzhniki Palace of Sports. The organisational level of the event was high and I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation for the wonderful conditions I eye-witnessed both for athletes and officials.

In Moscow, I was pleased to meet with the President of the Artistic Gymnastics Federation of Russia, Mr. Vasily Titov. I had the opportunity to visit “Ozero Krugloye”, the sports facility, serving as a training base for artistic gymnastics. There, the athletes train in a contemporary equipped facility where they enjoy wonderful conditions for studying, resting, recovering, nutrition and living.

Another event I attended in February was “Gymotion” in Zurich (SUI). The budget allocated for this show with 400 gymnasts participating was almost 1 million CHF. Wow! Can you imagine the level of the show? It was very inspiring to see how 11000 spectators were enjoying Gymnastics and live music, as a single entity. Such fascinating music shows in perfect combination with true gymnastics elements attracts the attention of young growing generation to Gymnastics disciplines.

At the close of February, I joined the FIG Executive Committee Meetings held at its headquarters in Lausanne. The FIG currently carries out great work directed to making changes and amendments in its Technical Regulations, major rules. It has established a number of commissions controlling the implementation of certain rules and regulations as well as working on changes of competition formats which could be a good example for the UEG.

February also marked the launch of the UEG development programme directed to support its respected federations. The programme is willingly supported by our current Global Partner SmartScoring and the Official Partners of the pool of apparatus suppliers Janssen Fritsen, Spieth Gymnastics, Gymnova and Eurotramp, to whom I express my gratitude. The programme offers support through apparatus donations and educational opportunities for coaches and judges.

Let’s support each other, try to cooperate by showing flexibility towards prospective changes for the sake of gymnastics! It is our responsibility to take the opportunities for more popular gymnastics which will lead to a legacy for future generations.

With my best regards,

Farid Gayibov