The President's Note N° 14

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The President's Note N° 14

December 2, 2015

By Georges Guelzec, UEG President

Dear friends,

2015, what a year!

Montpellier, Baku, Minsk, Riesa, Elvas, Bratislava! But also Brussels and the European Week of Sport, Helsinki and its World Gymnaestrada, Glasgow, Stuttgart and Odense on the road to Rio! Like me, you have also experienced these events with the same happiness seeing our gymnasts shine.

2015 also marks the year that we took our image concerning planned communication in hands. Around 400 informative texts – news, newsletters, press releases, president’s notes – published daily testify this. But beyond texts, there is our will to occupy the media scene, belonging to our Union, like we commented in our Communication Seminar in Lausanne and like we will do in 2016 when we hold the second edition of our Seminar in Bern on May 30th.

In the first issue of this Note, I wrote in January of this year: « …2015 will also be a year of consolidation. The world is changing. We must change and accept to review our knowledge. The wait-and-see, the hesitations are over. » I think I have maintained this course for more than once seeking the discussion, in all transparency, about our mid and long term future. We are not at the end of our work. Projects are still open. Remember our 2 special sessions in Bratislava, dedicated to the gymnastics of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and to our positioning in the FIG authorities.

I don’t want to miss this occasion to underline the high level of quality that has permeated our debates. Thanks to you, the adequacy of your interventions, the UEG has shown a maturity of mind that pleases me, both in letter and in spirit. I congratulate you and warmly thank you.

Turning the page 2015 of our Big Book, I feel that our Union has fulfilled its objectives and has found within its 50 member federations the energy and competences that will be useful for its future.


On a sporting level, of course the Games in Rio de Janeiro will without doubt dominate the gymnastics headlines. I take this occasion to address my President’s wishes -and as a former Olympian- to all our gymnasts and wish them all the best for this unique experience in the life of an athlete.

I also want everyone to keep in mind that at the end of the year 2016, the FIG will renew its authorities and will take leave of its President, Bruno Grandi, who ends a 20-year presidency. He is a Friend. The Friend of all gymnasts and one of the founders of the UEG, whom we will honour when the moment of retirement has come. In the meantime, I thank him for all the attention that he gives us and for his permanent support to European gymnastics.

To all of you, gymnasts, authorities, member federations, partners, contributors, I express my thanks for your loyalty and address to you, as well as your families and loved ones, my wishes for health and happiness in 2016.

With my compliments

Georges Guelzec