The President's Note N° 11 Leading the way

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The President's Note N° 11 Leading the way

October 6, 2015

by Georges Guelzec, UEG President



Dear friends,

This October month is decisive for many gymnasts in our Union. Our elite will be numerously represented in Glasgow to try to obtain THE ticket for the Rio 2016 Olympics Games! I know all the anxieties, the questions that our gymnasts and their coaches can go through in these kind of circumstances. They bring back memories of my own qualification for the Munich 1972 Games! But that belongs to the past. It’s the future that will be questioned in Glasgow. Of course, I fully stand behind all our gymnasts and wish them my best wishes for success.

At the beginning of October, our acrobats have evolved in Riesa where the 27th European Championships in their discipline was held. The event also provided the setting for a Round Table discussion, with the participation of Rosy Taeymans. I’m pleased by these bilateral contacts. They are indispensable for transparency, exchange, synergies which are important to all our disciplines in order to progress. ACRO, like all planets composing the universe of gymnastics, needs to cultivate this communication, to let our sport evolve, so that it corresponds to the expectations of our spectators, media and partners. I thank Rosy and Carine for this initiative.

Our Executive Committee is meeting in Lausanne on the 9th and 10th of this month. Among the subjects on the agenda are the selection of a host city for our 27th Congress in 2017. To the four candidate cities, I already address my thanks for having offered your services and I’m pleased with the interest shown in us.

In this respect, I would like to remind you that the choice of a host city is important, even strategical for the glow of an event, whether administrative or in sports. A submitted application represents an outstretched hand towards the UEG to initiate a constructive partnership, in which quality is the common denominator. This element needs to be checked at all levels, the welcoming, the accommodation, the installations, the services and all that contributes to the notoriety, the international prestige of a venue, a city.  

The Executive Committee will also take note of the work of the Work Group established to prepare our gymnastics of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. A meeting took place mid-September. Currently, the Group works at writing its report and its conclusions which will be unveiled at our Congress in November in Bratislava.

This Group, with its multiple sensitivities, its visions, its directions, its original and bold projects, delight me. We are on the verge of proposing a project capable of repositioning gymnastics in its niche of international sports. We need to choose and consequently give up a model that existed for generations but today has been bypassed by evolution.

We don’t have another choice.



With my compliments,

Georges GUELZEC, 
UEG President