TeamGym News: The TeamGym Newsletter N° 2

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TeamGym News: The TeamGym Newsletter N° 2

January 28, 2016

By Per Sjöstrand, TeamGym-TC President












Dear friends,

Happy New Year and welcome to our first TeamGym Newsletter of 2016. As we begin a new year, we also enter a new exciting chapter in the history of TeamGym.
This year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first official UEG TeamGym competition held in 1996 in Jyväskyla, Finland. The sport was at that time a European club team competition called Euroteam.

European Championships in October

The highlight of 2016 will of course be the 11th European Championships, to be held from 12 to 15 October in the city of Maribor in Slovenia. Europe’s 500 best seniors and juniors will then be the focus of the entire TeamGym community.
Compared to the previous event in Reykjavik (ISL) in 2014, we expect an increased number of federations in Maribor, and we have good reasons to believe that the European Championships in Slovenia will also increase the popularity and boost the interest for the discipline in the countries across the north and east coast of the Adriatic Sea.






March - Extra judges’ course

The first event is an extra brevet judges’ course on March 3rd – 6th in Maribor, Slovenia.
The course is open for all federations who would like to learn more about judging TeamGym or to increase the number of judges. Please take note that all current brevets are valid until end of 2017. Therefore, the brevets obtained in 2016 will also expire at the end of 2017 so as to respect the current 4-year cycle.









The second event is our yearly summer training camp and coaches’ course that will take place on July 16th-23rd in Cesenatico, Italy.
The coaches’ course offers an excellent opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills as a TeamGym coach and consists of both theoretical and practical sessions in all three disciplines; Floor, Tumbling and Trampet. The course will cover the first level (starting level) out of three in the UEG TeamGym Education Program. This course and the training camp are staffed by some of the most experienced high level coaches in TeamGym. Deadline for registration to the camp is January 31st and for the coaches’ course March 31st. After this date, we will deal with applications on a first come, first serve basis and as long as we have spaces available.
Additional Coaches’ Education Courses on level 2 and 3 are also being planned for 2016.




October - Side event at the European Championships – NEW FEDERATIONS

The third and last event is an ideal opportunity for new Federations to get started in TeamGym. It is a side event at the forthcoming European Championships to be held on October 12th - 15th in Maribor, Slovenia. This is a special introductory seminar for new Federations who would like to start TeamGym. It will also give participants seats to watch the Championships. This is a fantastic opportunity and we hope that many of you will take up the offer. Further information about the side event will follow in Q2 2016.








Updated Rules

Please note that both the UEG Technical Regulations and the Code of Points TeamGym (CoP) have been updated since the European Championships 2014. The Code update, Revision B September 2015, was published on the UEG Intranet on October 30th. A short summary is presented in the following:

·        New floor moves performed for the first time at the European Championships in Reykjavik are added

·        A requirement for all gymnasts to have a competition number on their competition dresses is added

·        The requirements for variation on floor (valid for pirouettes, jumps and balance elements) are increased

·        A number of Clarifications to the Code (updated description for the group element on floor, definition of landing feet first on tumbling/trampet, etc.) are added

Please visit the UEG Intranet to download the Code update and Technical Regulations.



Work on the TeamGym Code of Points for the next 4-year cycle has started.  The TC TeamGym looks forward to future discussions and support in the effort to prepare the new regulations.  The plan is to publish the next CoP in Q1/Q2 2017. 

Given all that has been accomplished during the 20 years since the first Euroteam competitions in Finland and all that we can achieve going forward - I am filled with optimism about 2016 and about the bright future of our sport. TeamGym, the discipline with Team spirit, Atmosphere and Variation, will continue on its path of development.


With my best regards,
Per Sjöstrand, President of TC-TG