TeamGym News: The TeamGym Newsletter N° 1

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TeamGym News: The TeamGym Newsletter N° 1

September 16, 2015

By Per Sjöstrand, President of the TC-TG








Dear friends,

Welcome to the very first issue of the TeamGym Newsletter! The UEG Technical Committee for TeamGym is pleased to present this new channel to keep everyone informed about the ongoing development of our discipline.

In the beginning of this year we put considerable effort into the evaluation of the 2014 European Championships in Iceland. We are looking at different ways to promote our discipline. As the 2016 European Championships were awarded to the Slovenian city of Maribor we are delighted to move the TeamGym community into a new environment which will boost the popularity of TeamGym in this region. And hopefully in other regions too!













This summer, for the 12th time, gymnasts and coaches gathered in Cesenatico (ITA) for the TeamGym training camp. In total 32 coaches and 84 gymnasts enjoyed part of their summer holiday here. Our camps and the level 1 coaches’ courses continue to be a great success.

In order to support coaches on a higher level the first TeamGym education at Level 2-3 (3 is the highest level) took place at the end of August in Malmö, Sweden. 
This course consists of both theoretical and practical sessions in all three disciplines of TeamGym; floor, tumbling and trampet. It was eagerly awaited and at the last day of registration the course was already fully booked. In fact we had to say no to some 10 late registrations after filling up the 45 places!

We are currently also looking into the possibility to organize a Judges Brevet course in the beginning of January 2016





In July we invited representatives from the UEG member federations for a Joint TechnicalCommittee Meeting, in Cesenatico (ITA). The aim was to provide a forum to exchange ideas and discuss challenges and opportunities for the future development of TeamGym with focus on the long-term development of the sport. The outcome serves as input for the 2017-2020 Regulations. This meeting was therefore not a decision-making meeting in a formal sense rather a conference to discuss the progress of the sport.In total 24 representatives, including the UEG TC TeamGym, represented 10 federations: AUT, CZE, DEN, FIN, GER, GBR, ISL, ITA, NOR and SWE.

The joint technical meeting was held in a good TeamGym spirit and the TC TeamGym thanks all federations for their great input. We look forward to future discussions and support in the effort to prepare the regulations for the next cycle.  The plan is to publish the new Code of Points Q1/Q2 2017. That is about 1 ½ year before the European Championships 2018.









Our Committee is continuously looking at the forthcoming events, especially the next European
Championships to be held October 10th – 16th, 2016 in Maribor (SLO). Mid-September the Committee will meet in Maribor, combining their TC meeting with a site visit and a first coordination meeting with representatives of the Local Organizing Committee.










An updated Code of Points and Technical Regulations is planned for October. The committee is currently busy preparing this update that will include:

·        The number of performing gymnasts will be maximum 10. The team can still consist of maximum 12 accredited gymnasts (including reserves). The teams will be allowed to replace an injured gymnast with a reserve in case of injury during the competition prior to the floor routine (all gymnasts must perform on Floor).

·        New floor moves performed for the first time at the European Championships in Reykjavik

·        A requirement for all gymnasts to have a competition number on their competition dresses

·        Increased requirements for variation on floor (includes pirouettes, jumps and balance elements)

·        Clarifications to the Code of Points (updated description for the group element on floor, definition of landing feet first on tumbling/trampet, etc.)





With my best regards,

Per Sjöstrand, President of TC-TG