TeamGym News! The TeamGym Newsletter N° 8

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TeamGym News! The TeamGym Newsletter N° 8

September 28, 2018

By Per Sjostrand, TeamGym-TC President










Welcome to the 8th edition of the TeamGym Newsletter!

Less than three weeks left to the 12th TeamGym European Championship … And we are proud to have the highest participation numbers and federations ever!

For the first time, the TeamGym European Championships will be held in Portugal. The Portuguese Gymnastics Federation and the Pavilhão Multiusos of Odivelas will welcome Europe’s best TeamGym juniors and seniors between 17 and 20 October. However, this year’s event celebrates the 25-year anniversary since the TeamGym competitions held at the EUROGYM youth festival 1993 in Lisbon. This event forms part of the origin of what later became the European Championships.

Starting on 17 October, we expect to see both exciting and tight battles in front of the cheering sound of the audience. But which teams will end up on the podium? What can Portugal do in front of their home crowd and who will challenge the current gold medallists? There will be both new and experienced teams on the field of play, so anything could happen. We will know the answers to these questions after the senior finals on October 20th.




The growing interest for TeamGym in Europe showed clearly in the large number of participants recent years at our coaches’ and judges’ courses. It is now evident that also an increasing number of teams and federations will take part in the European Championships.

This year’s event will gather a record-breaking 51 teams representing 16 federations. Two years ago, 14 federations competed with 47 teams.

For the first time we have the opportunity to welcome a team from Azerbaijan.  We are pleased to see that the previous host, Slovenia, who kick-started TeamGym in 2015 has continued their development. We also notice that Estonia is back on the field of play. In total more than 600 gymnasts, coaches and judges will participate in the event.

Considering the increasing number of teams, the Technical Committee TeamGym will ponder different options to schedule the competition week for the next edition in 2020 in Copenhagen (DEN).

Nominative entries



The next episode of ’Behind the gold: Meet Europe’s Champions’ is out! And it features Kristoffer Hayes and Mikkel Schertz, members of the Danish senior men's team and their coach Helge Fisker! They talk you through the excitement of a TeamGym competition, what is needed to be a great gymnast and their hopes for the upcoming European Championships in Odivelas (POR)...


Enjoy, like and share!




For the fourth time in a row the TeamGym senior finals have been sold out, but this time it happened already two months prior to the event!

Presale of tickets with a combined tourist accommodation package went on sales already in May and individual tickets mid-August. Just a few days after, tickets to most competitions were sold out. In order to allow more fans to watch the Championships it was decided to reduce the number of seats reserved for delegations.

The additional tickets put on sale for the senior finals were sold out in just 2 minutes and for the senior qualifications in 5 minutes. At the moment, there are still some tickets available for the junior qualifications, but you better hurry up before it is too late.

Unlike a rock concert we cannot add an extra event to the tour but need to ensure that the future arenas for TeamGym can hold more spectators. This is already taken care of for the next event.





TeamGym is still a young discipline but on the rapid path of development. A survey conducted by the UEG earlier this year reported that there are currently in total about 650 clubs and close to 50.000 active gymnasts representing 18 European federations. These countries represent different stages of TeamGym development where some have a long tradition and thus a large number of athletes while others have just started. There is no unique formula for the development of TeamGym, but the countries have a number of factors in common.

The Technical Committee for TeamGym organises regularly summer camps and coaches’ courses on different levels for the three apparatus: Floor, Tumble and Trampet.  Not to forget the UEG brevet courses for judges. Watch out for the upcoming courses to be announced by the UEG office.

This autumn, the Technical Committee for TeamGym will also start holding on-site information sessions about the sport, targeting countries where TeamGym is not yet fully established. First stop is Luxembourg (LUX) in November. Next year this initiative will be followed by a series of TeamGym meetings and symposiums containing lectures and workshops. The TeamGym Technical Committee would be very interested to work with federations who would like to explore the discipline and could host one of these meetings and symposiums in or close to their country. Please contact the UEG office for an expression of interest.

Keep up to date with the TeamGym courses and events by following the UEG on their website and social media channels.


The next stop on the journey ahead is the European Championships, I am looking forward to seeing you in Odivelas!

Per Sjöstrand   

TeamGym-TC President