TeamGym News! The TeamGym Newsletter N° 5

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TeamGym News! The TeamGym Newsletter N° 5

July 3, 2017

By Per Sjöstrand, TeamGym TC President







Welcome to the 5th edition of the TeamGym Newsletter!

I hope you have had a successful first half year and have had the opportunity to attend some of the many national or international TeamGym competitions throughout Europe.

It is exciting to see the rapid increase in the number of competitions and camps open for club teams. In 2017, an odd year, we have no European Championships, and focus is on Development and Education and not to forget the release of the new TeamGym Code of Points.

Several UEG TeamGym activities planned for the start of 2017 were conducted as planned. In February, the International Coaching Internship for TeamGym (ICIT) was launched as an exchange program to develop young coaches with the aim to find coaching placements for young TeamGym coaches to gather experience throughout Europe. The overall objectives are to inspire, to give valuable experience to the coaches of the future and to invest in the future of TeamGym. The ABC for TeamGym Floor, a coaches’ guide on how to make a TeamGym floor programme was also published.





30 coaches representing Austria, Estonia, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy and Portugal attended the TeamGym level 2 course held in Anadia (POR) from 7 to 9 April. The course was led by two top coaches: Gunnar Jansson, national coach for the Swedish senior men’s team, and Anders Frisk, brevet judge and educator on floor for both the Swedish Federation and the UEG.

This was the first coaching course following the update of the course syllabus. Thanks to all participants for the great comments and feedback.

Watch out for the level 3 course (highest level) planned for in late January 2018! The venue will this time be a new gym in southern Sweden.




From 15 to 22 July, we are running our annual summer training camp staffed by some of the most experienced high level coaches in TeamGym. A level 1 coaching course will be held in parallel. The course covers a full week of lessons and consists of both theoretical and practical sessions in all three disciplines. The camp and the coaching course will gather almost 30 coaches, 60 gymnasts and 7 experts!




The Technical Committee is now busy finalising the new version of the TeamGym Code of Points (CoP). Before being released to all National Federations the CoP will be up for approval by the UEG Executive Committee in early September. So we plan to publish it as soon as possible afterwards.

The success formula developed over the years providing the TeamGym spirit and atmosphere will of course be maintained, but you will see that the new version of the code has been substantially changed in an attempt to:

●  Increase clarification of requirements and element specifications
●  Improve the balance in difficulty between Floor, Tumble and Trampet
●  Speed up judging
●  Improve safety
●  Better align the format with the FIG codes



Already now, we would like to present some of the key changes that are planned for the new version:


The Floor composition panel will be combined with the Difficulty panel forming a CD-panel. Some of the current composition panel duties will be allocated to the E-panel.

The Floor composition score will include 4 additional composition elements/requirements

●  Flexibility Element (the team can choose from performing split, side split or straddled pike-fold)
●  Group Element (will include a lift or a throw off the floor - working as a team or in groups of minimum 3 gymnasts)
●  Rhythmic Sequence (same as in the current CoP)
●  Difficulty Distribution (at least 4 difficulty elements must be performed after 1:45 min from start)

For Floor Difficulty only elements marked on the tariff form will be evaluated and counted towards the difficulty value. The maximum number of difficulty elements allowed on the tariff form and elements counted towards the difficulty value are

●  4 Balances (handstand, dynamic balance*, standing balance plus any balance from the difficulty table)
●  3 Jumps/Hops/Leaps
●  2 Acrobatic elements
●  1 Combination of a Leap and another Jump, Hop or Leap

* A dynamic balance is either a pirouette or a power element.

For the team to get the full difficulty value, all gymnasts need to perform the difficulty element correctly. If one or two gymnasts fail to perform the element, the team will be awarded 50% of the element’s difficulty value. If three or more gymnasts fail in performing, the value of the element will be 0. The floor difficulty tables are adjusted to encourage teams to also perform standing balances and leaps.


     Tumbling and Trampet




Composition requirements will include:

●  Team round as the 1st round (same as current CoP)
●  Only three different series allowed in the 2nd and 3rd rounds
●  Requirement for 540° twist in singles or 180° in doubles / triples on trampet


●  Difficulty tables are adjusted to improve linearity at higher difficulty levels
●  Encourage backward series including double saltos on tumble
●  Only two elements will be counted towards the difficulty value in Tumble (three in current CoP)


●  More strict requirements on body positions in saltos
●  Revised height requirements
●  New requirement for opening tucked and piked body positions to prepare for landing
●  Allow for deeper landing positions without execution deduction



A new code of points also means that all judges need to update their license! The dates for the Brevet courses are October 18th – 22nd and November 15th – 19th. The invitation will be sent to all federations in July. A third judges’ course is also planned in the first quarter of 2018.




One of the most important objectives is to try and ensure the standards for the TeamGym equipment reflect an organised and safe sport.

We have now entered the next stage of our endeavours to establish standards for all the equipment for TeamGym. Where possible, we will accept the standards for equipment as set by the FIG. This includes the tumble track, the vaulting table and all the mats. Although it is noted that certain aspects do differ to reflect the specifics of the TeamGym discipline - like the length of tumble track and the height of the vault, etc.

The TeamGym floor area will be slightly reduced to enable training in ordinary gyms.

We are also getting close to developing our own standard for the Trampet, our heavyweight mini trampoline.



The UEG Technical Committee for TeamGym wishes you all a wonderful summer and a relaxing summer vacation!


Per Sjöstrand
TeamGym-TC President