Team in the spotlight: Noam Patel, Bram Geussens, Jonas Anthoon and Hannes Garré (BEL)


Team in the spotlight: Noam Patel, Bram Geussens, Jonas Anthoon and Hannes Garré (BEL)

March 13, 2018

After winning the silver medal in the men’s group competitions at the World Cup in Puurs, Belgium’s men’s group really got the taste of success.

The four men are ambitious and wanted more! At the Maia World Cup 10 days ago, they performed excellent routines and were rewarded with the gold medal.

Gearing up for the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships which will start in exactly one month in Antwerp (BEL), the recently formed men's group aims to shine in front of the home crowd. Having only stared competing together in 2017, they won the Belgian championships and moved onto the international stage. In October Noam, Hannes, Jonas and Bram went to Rzeszow (POL) for the European Championships. They performed well and ended up 4th in the all-around final. The boys were satisfied.


GymFed, the Flemish part of the Belgian Gymnastics Federation, and organisers of the 2018 Acro World Championships, went to see Noam, Bram Hannes & Jonas after the Puurs World Cup and asked them how everything was going!

- What does your schedule look like till the World Championships?

N > This weekend we will perform at the World Cup in Maia. We hope to compete as well as we did in Puurs (BEL) the first time. Thereafter we still have one competition to attempt in Belgium before the World Championships!

H > We will keep training this frequently but probably our training will be more intensive! We push up the level a bit more to get fully in shape!

- What is your goal for the World Championships?

N > In the first place we want to bring two good exercises in the qualifications.

H > And get a spot in the finals of course! When we perform a good combined exercise we'll see where we end up in the final ranking! A medal is a bit overambitious I think.

J > Of course we are dreaming of a medal at the World Championships! But the competition is very hard. 

- What are the plans after the World Championships?

N > That we don't know yet. We don't talk about it very often.

H > Noam keeps growing so we have to consider the opportunities. We haven't discussed this item yet with our coaches.

Good luck guys!

Interview: GymFed