Summer Universiade : Kazan 2013 - D-Day-10 - Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics represented

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Summer Universiade : Kazan 2013 - D-Day-10 - Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics represented

June 26, 2013

The Universiade is an international sporting and cultural festival which is staged every two years in a different city. It is only second to the Olympic Games.
Embracing FISU’s motto of 'Excellence in Mind and Body', the Summer Universiade incorporates educational and cultural aspects into 12 days of sports competitions, allowing university student-athletes from all over the world to celebrate with the host city in a true spirit of friendship and sportsmanship.

Key facts about the Summer Universiade (SU)

- The only summer multi-sport event in the world that connects students at both academic and athletic levels
- 12 days of sports competitions
- More than 9,000 student-athletes and officials from over 170 countries
- 13 compulsory disciplines : Athletics, Basketball, Fencing, Football, Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Judo, Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball - and up to 3 optional sports
- Volunteers and participants are students, generally of the same age
- Broadcasted by more than 100 TV channels
Artistic gymnastics was added to the programme of the Summer Universiade in 1961 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and only individual all-around events were presented there. Other men's and women's events of artistic gymnastics competitions were featured at the 1973 Summer Universiade in Moscow. The programme now comprises Team, All-around and Apparatus competitions.
Rhythmic gymnastics first appeared in the programme of the 1961 Summer Universiade in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1973, at the Summer Universiade in Moscow, only rhythmic gymnastics group events were held. Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions in Kazan include All-around competitions and Apparatus Finals for Individuals and Groups.
2013 Summer Universiade
Dates: July 6th to 17th, 2013
City: Kazan, Russian Federation
Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. It is one of the largest economic, scientific and cultural centres in the Russian Federation. Kazan has acquired the right to be officially called the “Third Capital” and “Sports Capital” of Russia. Kazan is also known as the city of students. More than 150,000 students are educated in Kazan's higher education establishments. Moreover, the main federal university of the Volga region and several national research universities of the Russian Federation are also based in Kazan.
Its experience in the high-level organisation of many large-scale international sports competitions as well as its high-tech sports facilities and venues allowed Kazan to bid for the hosting of a prestigious multi-sport event – the Summer Universiade. Fourty years ago Russia had already hosted a Summer Universiade in the summer of 1973 in Moscow, and those University Games were considered one of the best in terms of organisation and success. During the bidding campaign Kazan showed its enormous potential as well as an active support from all the citizens. As a result, on May 31st, 2008, Kazan won the right to host the XXVII World University Summer Games in 2013.
From July 6th to July 17th, 2013, more than 13,500 athletes and members of delegations from 170 countries as well as more than 1,500 media representatives are expected in Kazan. About 100,000 tourists and fans from Russia and abroad will visit Kazan both to support their countries and discover the millennial historical heritage of the city, its rich culture and modern infrastructure. During the Universiade the FISU Conference on “University and Olympic Sports: two medals – one goal” will be held in Kazan from July 6th to 10th, 2013.
Out of the 50 sports venues that will be used during the Universiade, 30 will be newly built. Twenty-seven venues are already operational and at the moment they are used by pupils of sports schools, of secondary school as well as by students of the higher education establishments of the city. It is notable that about 20 venues will be used by educational institutions after the Universiade.


Commissioning: 11.2012
Total area: 20045 sq. m.
Number of seats: 3200 people 
The Gymnastics Centre is one of the largest sports complexes in Russia. In November 2012 it played host to the Rhythmic Gymnastics Russian Cup and Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Group Championship, two test events for the 27th Summer Universiade. The centre contains sport and practice halls, administrative and service facilities.
The XXVII Summer Universiade is a great volunteer movement as well. About 20,000 volunteers from all over the world will take part in the 2013 Universiade in Kazan. 
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