Spotlight of Guadalajara on … Polina Berezina (ESP)


Spotlight of Guadalajara on … Polina Berezina (ESP)

May 11, 2018

In three weeks all eyes will be on Spain where the Rhythmic Europeans will be hosted in Guadalajara

Host nation Spain will be represented in the senior all-around final by the 20-year-old Polina Berezina. Born in the Russian capital Moscow, Berezina moved to Spain at the age of three, settling in Alicante. 

UEG caught up with her during the recent World Cup event in Guadalajara’s Palacio Multiusos. Let’s meet Spain’s rising star!


UEG: How long have you been doing rhythmic gymnastics?

Berezina: Since I was seven, so for 13 years.


UEG: What do you like so much about this sport?

Berezina: Oh, there are so many things! I have made so many friends and have visited many countries. I participated in a World Championships which not everyone can say. I have sacrificed a lot, there were many tears but also many smiles.


UEG: How do you feel about competing in your home country for a European Championships?

Berezina: I’ll be a bit more nervous. I feel more responsibility because I represent this country and I want to show my best for the public and the people who support me.


UEG: We heard that the Spanish fans are truly passionate and can get really loud during a competition. Do you feel this when you are out on the floor?

Berezina: Oh yes, I feel the force of the fans. They transfer their energy to me when I enter on the carpet.


UEG: How can the fans show their support to you?

Berezina: In many ways! Before a competition I receive many messages and emails via Instagram for example with words of support. Fans ask for photos too.


UEG: What would you still like to achieve in gymnastics?

Berezina: I want to participate in Tokyo 2020! That is the big goal. But I also think short-term: first the European Championships, then Worlds. Step by step.


UEG: And in life?

Berezina: I want to construct a hotel! I want to be director in the cinema. I want to do so many things but for the moment I focus on rhythmic gymnastics.


Gracias Polina! Good luck in Guadalajara!


Photos: Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation