Spotlight of Guadalajara on … Linoy Ashram (ISR)

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Spotlight of Guadalajara on … Linoy Ashram (ISR)

May 25, 2018

In one week the Rhythmic Europeans start! Join us in Guadalajara!

Israel’s talented Linoy Ashram enjoyed a true breakthrough-year last year, winning 2 bronze medals, with hoop and clubs, at the European Championships in Budapest (HUN). Two months later she added 2 medals at the World Games: silver with clubs and bronze with hoop. At the World Championships in Pesaro (ITA) she became the first Israeli to win an all-around medal when she placed third behind the Averina twins. In apparatus finals she added another bronze medal, with ribbon.

And in 2018 she continues to break records! She won her first World Cup gold medal in Sofia (BUL) and in Guadalajara (ESP) she won the all-around beating Russian stars Aleksandra Soldatova and Arina Averina. What will the Europeans bring for the popular 19-year-old?

UEG: You had a very successful year in 2017. How did you experience it?

Ashram: I can tell you that I work very hard every day, all day long. So for me it was the reward for hard work.


UEG: What moment are you most proud of?

Ashram: Of my all-around bronze medal at the World Championships [which was a first for Israel].


UEG: You also became the Israeli Sportswoman of the Year. Did this and your success at competitions change anything for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Israel?

Ashram: I’m very proud of this. It shows that everything I have been working for pays off in the end. I’m glad and happy to receive such support from Israel.


UEG: What would you like to achieve at the European and World Championships?

Ashram: I just want to do my best and succeed!


UEG: You have a unique style. How do you learn new skills and choreographies?

Ashram: I have known my choreographer [Ayelet Zussman] since I was a little kid. We know each other well and thanks to her I have these great skills.


Thanks Linoy! All the best in Guadalajara!