Spotlight of Budapest on … Neviana Vladinova (BUL)

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Spotlight of Budapest on … Neviana Vladinova (BUL)

May 16, 2017

With just 3 days to go until #rgbudapest2017 begins, UEG caught up with Bulgarian medal contender Neviana Vladinova!

Neviana Vladinova has been on a roll this year, winning gold with ribbon and bronze in the all-around at the World Cup stage in Baku before dominating her home World Cup, last weekend in Sofia, where she won 4 gold medals and 1 silver! The 23-year-old competed in the Rio Olympics, placing seventh in the final. This year the sky seems the limit and Nevi looks to impress in Budapest!

UEG: You won the gold with ribbon and bronze all-around and with ball at the recent World Cup in Baku. How did you experience that? What changes to your routines were necessary with the new Code of Points?

Vladinova: It is for the first time that I have won a medal from the All-around and a Gold medal from a Final of a World Cup competition. This makes me very happy because I work very hard. In order to comply with the new Code of Points I had to make get better my Body Difficulties and I enriched my exercises by including more risks and mastery. 

UEG: What are your expectations for the upcoming European Championships? Which gymnasts have the biggest chances at becoming the new European Champions?

Vladinova: There will be a great competition. Many gymnasts can win medals such as Soldatova, Averina, Halkina, Harnasko, Filanovski, Ashram and Taseva. 

UEG: How can the crowd show their support to you?

Vladinova: The spectators have always supported me. I can feel their great support and it makes me feel stronger.

UEG: What would you still like to achieve in your gymnastics career? And what are your objectives in life?

Vladinova: The aim in RG I have is to win a medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. For now I have another dream for the time when I will have retired from sport, and it is to work for a television.

Thank you very much Neviana! Best of luck in Budapest!