Spotlight of Baku on … Marina Chernova (RUS)

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Spotlight of Baku on … Marina Chernova (RUS)

June 17, 2015

Today the acrobatics competition kicked off here in Baku. UEG asked some questions to mixed pair World Champion Marina Chernova

UEG: Can you tell us a bit about yourself (age, experience, interesting facts,..)?

Chernova: My name is Marina Olegovna Chernova. I am 19 years old. After 8 years in acrobatic gymnastics I became Master of Sport, two-time World Champion, multiple Russian Champion and silver medallist at the European Championships.

UEG: What are your expectations for the European Games?

Chernova: My expectations for the European Games are a good performance, support of the audience, and of course the victory.

UEG: You are the 2014 World Champion in mixed pair together with Revaz Gurgenidze. In Baku you will pair up with Georgy Pataraya. Why this change? How does a change in partners affect your training and routines?

Chernova: These kind of changes happen unexpectedly. I can’t say what happened but we saw that it was necessary. As I have only just paired up with Georgy the toughest part was to rely on each other, but the elements were not that difficult to master because we have experience with that.

UEG: How long do you want to continue in gymnastics?

Chernova: Of course I will train as long as I am in good health and find the strength. Since I am now still young I train and I train :)

UEG: What would you like to do after gymnastics?

Chernova: When I finish my career I would like to coach young kids and guide them to the European and World level.

UEG: If you get a chance to watch another sport, which one would you choose?

Chernova: I would definitely want to see Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Thank you Marina! Good luck in Baku!