Spain and Russia bring home Aerobics World Games gold

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Spain and Russia bring home Aerobics World Games gold

July 23, 2017

Competition report of Aerobics at the World Games

Aerobics kicked off the gymnastics programme at the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw (POL). The individual men and women competitions were dropped from the programme at these World Games so the schedule featured mixed pairs, trios, groups, Dance and Step.

Defending World Games Champions Sara Moreno and Vicente Lli -the only pair of the 4-way tie for victory 4 years ago in Cali (COL) to compete this year- had their mind firmly set on gold. After topping the qualifications, they performed a fabulous routine in the final that got the highest artistry and execution score to successfully retain their title. In difficulty, the Spanish pair was matched by Hungarians Dora Hegyi and Daniel Bali who were delighted with their score and the silver medal. Romania’s Andreea Bogati and Lucian Barna scored just 0.150 less to clinch the bronze medal.   World Champions Michela Castoldi and Davide Donati (ITA) failed to qualify to the final but will look to improve in the coming months before the European Championships on home turf.

Sara Moreno & Vicente Lli (ESP)

Strong performances by both Japan and China in the trio competition earned them the gold and silver respectively. The French participants performed well for the bronze medal, defeating their Russian rivals by almost a full point.

Although top qualifier Romania received the highest execution score, the Chinese group showed the highest difficulty and took the title. Silver for Romania and bronze for Hungary, less than a tenth behind Romania.

Group Romania

World Champions in Dance, Korea, showed an exciting routine to clinch the gold ahead of European Champions Russia. In the Step competition, Russia clinched the title with China in second. Hungary won the bronze in both finals.


Step Russia


Results finals

Mixed pairs

1.      Sara Moreno and Vicente Lli (ESP) 22.550

2.      Dora Hegyi and Daniel Bali (HUN) 21.850

3.      Andreea Bogati and Dacian Barna (ROU) 21.700

4.      Riri Kitazume & Takumi Kanai (JPN) 21.050



1.      Riri Kitazume, Takumi Kanai & Mizuki Saito (JPN) 22.636

2.      Lixi Pan, Lingxiao Li & Dong Ma (CHN) 22.425

3.      Tom Jourdan, Maxime Decker-Breitel & Florian Bugalho (FRA) 20.850

4.      Dukhik Dzhanazian, Ilia Ostapenko & Roman Semenov (RUS) 19.877



1.      China 22.683

2.      Romania 22.305

3.      Hungary 22.244

4.      Russia 21.322



1.      Korea 18.825

2.      Russia 18.550

3.      Hungary 18.400

4.      China 18.350




1.      Russia 18.600

2.      China 18.550

3.      Hungary 18.250

4.      Ukraine 17.800

These results promise great battles to come in September, when the European Championships will be held in Ancona (ITA)!


Photos: FIG