SmartScoring’s Shooting Star award goes to … Salome Pazhava!

Salome Shooting Star Ulrich Fassbender.jpg

SmartScoring’s Shooting Star award goes to … Salome Pazhava!

June 4, 2018

The 20-year-old Georgian gets rewarded for her hard work and dedication to the sport

UEG’s Global partner SmartScoring recently launched their idea to honour a gymnast at each European Championships. Their Shooting Star award goes to a gymnast that stands out because of her story, performance or exceptional composure.

In Guadalajara we honour Salome Pazhava. The 20-year-old Georgian won her first European medal in 2012 as part of the Georgian junior team. She started competing with the seniors in 2013. Internationally she qualified for many finals most notably in 2015 where she qualified to all 4 apparatus finals at both the European Championships and the European Games. 2016 started with a minor leg injury but Salome managed to show great form at the Europeans in Holon! She finished 5th all-around with a personal best. However, a foot injury disturbed her performance at the Rio 2016 Olympics which ended in a big disappointment. The next year, while still recovering, she suffered another setback, an injury to her arm. Also this year, she had to skip some competitions to protect her from injury. But Salome doesn’t give up, she has her goals firmly set and will work hard to achieve her dreams.

SmartScoring CEO Emin Mukhtarov told us: “Salome has made a big impression on me. The dedication and perseverance she shows are an inspiration to young athletes worldwide. Whatever setback she suffers, Salome comes back stronger.”

Salome Pazhava placed 6th in the all-around competition, securing a ticket to next year’s European Games as well: “Thanks for all your support and the biggest thanks to SmartScoring for this special present. I’m very happy!”


Photo: Ulrich Fassbender