Russia shows strength on opening day of men’s Europeans


Russia shows strength on opening day of men’s Europeans

August 9, 2018

Competition report of the senior men’s qualification day

After all the excitement of the women’s Europeans last week, the SSE Hydro now houses an enthusiastic crowd keen to see Europe’s best men in action.

Spread over three subdivisions, 151 senior gymnasts from 36 countries fought today to take their team to the final on Saturday or for a place in one of the apparatus finals on Sunday.

In the first subdivision, the Greek Lord of the Rings Eleftherios Petrounias set the standard on his event, a 15.133 that no one managed to surpass throughout the day, although Great Britain’s Courtney Tulloch came close with a 15.100. Petrounias is right on track to defend his triple European crown: "I am not very happy with my routine, but it is good enough to get into the final. I had some struggles with my left shoulder. I have had an inflammation which is quite painful, but it is nothing serious.I am going to defend my title for sure and I am sure being back in Glasgow helps me. I have a lot of good memories here."

More big names competed in the second subdivision with Ireland’s rapidly rising star, Commonwealth Games Champion Rhys Mcclenaghan performing an excellent pommel horse routine which qualified him in first place to Sunday’s final: "It would mean a lot for me to get a gold medal at the European championships. I'm sure Max [Whitlock] will go out there and do his job, as will I, but getting the gold medal at the European championships, that's a dream come true for me. Hopefully it will happen in the final.I've watched the Europeans since I was eight years old, every year, so it's pretty crazy to think that I'll be competing against the likes of David Belyavskiy (RUS) and Max."The Israeli men were extremely happy with their performance: Artem Dolgopyat qualified in first place to the floor final where he will be joined by teammate Alexander Shatilov, and Andrey Medvedev topped the vault ranking.

In subdivision 3 the top 12 teams from the 2016 Europeans competed. A show down between Great Britain and Russia is what most people expect. With the current format of 3 gymnasts perform, all three scores count towards the team total, anything can happen though. Russia started on high bar with a spectacular fall from David Belyaskiy who slipped off the bar while preparing for his dismount. They did recover well to lead this qualification day with an advantage of almost seven points, scoring the highest team total on all but one event, high bar. Great Britain lost valuable points on vault with mistakes by both Dom Cunningham and Courtney Tulloch but they know that there is room for improvement in the final. Germany and Switzerland went head-to-head placing third and fourth respectively. Germany had the second-highest total on vault while Switzerland excelled on parallel bars. Turkey overcame problems on floor and pommel horse to become the best team on high bar on their way to securing the fifth place. France, Spain and Italy round out the top 8 and will compete again on Saturday.


Qualified to finals


1.           RUS 259.427

2.           GBR 252.496

3.           GER 246.094

4.           SUI 245.092

5.           TUR 243.259

6.           FRA 242.996

7.           ESP 242.761

8.           ITA 241.128



1.           Artem DOLGOPYAT (ISR) 14.666

2.           Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) 14.600

3.           Rayderley ZAPATA (ESP) 14.533

4.           Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) 14.466

5.           Marcel NGUYEN (GER) 14.433

6.           Dominick CUNNINGHAM (GBR) 14.366

7.           Alexander SHATILOV (ISR) 14.266

8.           Ahmet ONDER (TUR) 14.133


Pommel Horse

1.           Rhys MCCLENAGHAN (IRL) 15.266

2.           David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) 15.000

3.           Max WHITLOCK (GBR) 14.900

4.           Filip UDE (CRO) 14.766

4.           Robert SELIGMAN (CRO) 14.766

6.           Nikolai KUKSENKOV (RUS) 14.700

7.           Saso BERTONCELJ (SLO) 14.633

8.           Petro PAKHNIUK (UKR) 14.633



1.           Eleftherios PETROUNIAS (GRE) 15.133

2.           Courtney TULLOCH (GBR) 15.100

3.           Ibrahim COLAK (TUR) 15.033

4.           Vahagn DAVTYAN (ARM) 14.833

5.           Dennis GOOSSENS (BEL) 14.766

6.           Andrei MUNTEANU (ROU) 14.733

7.           Marcel NGUYEN (GER) 14.666

7.           Nikita NAGORNYY (RUS) 14.666



1.           Andrey MEDVEDEV (ISR) 14.849

2.           Igor RADIVILOV (UKR) 14.783

3.           Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) 14.716

4.           Dmitri LANKIN (RUS) 14.383

5.           Valgard REINHARDSSON (ISL) 14.233

6.           Dimitar DIMITROV (BUL) 14.199

7.           Konstantin KUZOVKOV (GEO) 14.149

8.           Loris FRASCA (FRA) 14.100


Parallel bars

1.           David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) 15.533

2.           Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) 15.466

3.           Oliver HEGI (SUI) 14.866

4.           Joe FRASER (GBR) 14.800

5.           Petro PAKHNIUK (UKR) 14.700

6.           Henji MBOYO (SUI) 14.666

7.           Ahmet ONDER (TUR) 14.666

8.           Nils DUNKEL (GER) 14.466


High bar

1.           Epke ZONDERLAND (NED) 14.333

2.           David VECSERNYES (HUN) 14.200

3.           Oliver HEGI (SUI) 14.100

4.           Noah KUAVITA (BEL) 14.033

5.           Umit SAMILOGLU (TUR) 13.933

6.           Joe FRASER (GBR) 13.800

7.           James HALL (GBR) 13.733

8.           Taha SERHANI (SUI) 13.733


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