Russia claims team and group all-around victory


Russia claims team and group all-around victory

June 2, 2018

Competition report of day 2 at #EChGuadalajara

Today at the Palacio Multiusos in Guadalajara, the first European medals were distributed, to the seniors groups for their all-around performance and to the best nation combining junior individual results with the senior groups.

Russia’s team victory was never in doubt, after the strong performances by its juniors and senior group yesterday. The girls continued in the same way today, clinching the European team title with a clear margin of over 10 points! The battle for the remaining medals proved an exciting race between Bulgaria, Italy and Ukraine with Bulgaria giving away the silver to Ukraine as one of their balls flew out of the carpet area. Italy ended on the unfortunate 4th place.

In the all-around competition, Italy gave Russia a run for its money, producing two superb exercises that the Spanish audience loved. In the end the 1.200 difference in difficulty gave Russia the edge over the Butterflies who hope to get their revanche in tomorrow’s finals.

Russian juniors Lala Kramarenko and Anastasia Sergeeva posted the top scores with ribbon with only Kramarenko advancing to the final. Compatriot Daria Trubnikova topped clubs. Kramarenko told us: “I like it very much here! And I love that the Spanish crowd not only support the Spanish gymnasts but everyone. The atmosphere is convivial and warm.” Ukraine’s Khrystyna Pohranychna continued her strong showing by qualifying to both remaining finals.




  1. Russia 151.425
  2. Ukraine 141.000
  3. Bulgaria 140.600


Senior groups all-around

  1. Russia 43.625
  2. Italy 42.900
  3. Bulgaria 41.750


Qualified to the apparatus finals:



  1. Daria Trubnikova (RUS) 18.650
  2. Khrystyna Pohranychna (UKR) 17.600
  3. Anna Kamenshchikova (BLR) 17.350
  4. Tatyana Volozhanina (BUL) 17.025
  5. Valeriia Sotskova (ISR) 16.150
  6. Narmina Samadova (AZE) 15.700
  7. Sofia Raffaeli (ITA) 15.550
  8. Yulia Vodopyanova (ARM) 15.450



  1. Lala Kramarenko (RUS) 17.800
  2. Tatyana Volozhanina (BUL) 16.500
  3. Yana Striga (BLR) 16.150
  4. Khrystyna Pohranychna (UKR) 15.850
  5. Adi Asia Katz (ISR) 15.700
  6. Talisa Torretti (ITA) 15.650
  7. Yelizaveta Luzan (AZE) 15.050
  8. Celia Joseph-Noel (FRA) 14.900


Senior groups

3 balls and 2 ropes

  1. Russia 21.125
  2. Italy 21.100
  3. Ukraine 18.700
  4. Bulgaria 18.650
  5. Azerbaijan 18.500
  6. Spain 17.850
  7. Belarus 17.400
  8. Estonia 16.600


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Tomorrow these 34th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics conclude with the junior individual and senior group apparatus finals, followed by the senior individual all-around final.