Romania rules over Europe


Romania rules over Europe

September 23, 2017

Competition report of the senior qualifications at the 10th Aerobics Europeans in Ancona (ITA)

The juniors set the standard yesterday on the opening day of the Aerobics European Champions. The seniors raised the bar even higher today in the Pala Prometeo. Romania came out on top of the team ranking which is based on the qualification results of either individual men or individual women, and mixed pairs, trios plus groups. Happy faces in the Romanian delegation as they beat Russia and Hungary for the European title.

Individual women

Hungarian star Dora Hegyi announced she will retire after these European Championships and looks to end on a high note. Well, her performance here in the qualification round was truly excellent! With a 21.350 she easily tops the scoreboard ahead of Spain’s Belen Guillemot who looked delighted with her routine and her score. Three gymnasts scored 20.850: Bulgarians Ana Maria Stoilova and Darina Pashova and Romania’s Lavinia Panaete (ROU). The battle for the medals promises to be exciting!

1.      Dora Hegyi (HUN) 21.350

2.      Belen Guillemot (ESP) 21.000

3.      Ana Maria Stoilova (BUL) 20.850

4.      Lavinia Panaete (ROU) 20.850

5.      Darina Pashova (BUL) 20.850

6.      Bianca Gorgovan (ROU) 20.700

7.      Polina Amosenok (RUS) 20.650

8.      Anastasia Degtiareva (RUS) 20.300


Individual men

Hungary’s Daniel Bali blew the field away with a fabulous routine that was rewarded with the highest score so far in these Championships … 22.900! More than a full point more than his closest competitors, Russia’s Roman Semenov and Pedro Cabanas (ESP). The audience got ecstatic by the performance of Riccardo Pentassuglia who settled for fifth place just behind Bulgaria’s Antonio Papazov.

1.      Daniel Bali (HUN) 22.900

2.      Roman Semenov (RUS) 21.650

3.      Pedro Cabanas (ESP) 21.550

4.      Antonio Papazov (BUL) 21.350

5.      Riccardo Pentassuglia (ITA) 21.300

6.      Maxime Decker Breitel (FRA) 20.850

7.      Lucian Savulescu (ROU) 20.800

8.      Vladimir Dolmatov (AZE) 20.750


Mixed pairs

Spain’s Sara Moreno and Vicente Lli, the defending European Champions, have been unbeatable this year and continue to show their excellent form. With 22.550, they kept main rivals Dora Hegyi and Daniel Bali (HUN), Dacian Barna and Andreea Bogati (ROU) and Michela Castoldi and Davide Donati (ITA) at a comfortable distance.  As this will be the Spanish pair’s last competition, they hope to repeat their performance tomorrow!

1.      Sara Moreno and Vicente Lli (ESP) 22.550

2.      Dora Hegyi and Daniel Bali (HUN) 22.100

3.      Dacian Barna and Andreea Bogati (ROU) 22.100

4.      Michela Castoldi and Davide Donati (ITA) 21.850

5.      Ruslan Zubairov and Veronika Korneva (RUS) 21.400

6.      Marian Brotei and Steliana Stoenescu (ROU) 21.200

7.      Emanuele Caponera and Sara Natella (ITA) 21.200

8.      Kirill Kulikov and Ekaterina Baranova (RUS) 21.050



An extremely high standard in this qualification round where the top 6 scored more than 21 points! Russia’s first team featuring Ziubina, Pykhtova and Ivanova narrowly edged their teammates Solovev, Dzhanazian and Ostapenko for the top sport while Romania’s two teams placed third (defending Champions Savulescu, Barna, Panaete) and fourth (Bogati, Brotei and Bocser). Italy and France round up the top 6.

1.      Russia 1 22.316

2.      Russia 2  22.277

3.      Romania 1 22.255

4.      Romania 2 21.933

5.      Italy 21.569

6.      France 21.400

7.      Hungary 20.161

8.      Azerbaijan 19.800



Romania clinched their team title by winning the group qualifications, bumping the Hungarian group to the second place by just over a tenth of a point. As only 1 group per country can advance to the final, Russia battled it out internally. Team 2 ended up beating team 1 by a tiny margin. This performance also sealed their silver medal in the team competition, bringing their total to 1 gold and 1 silver so far.

1. Romania 22.616

2. Hungary 22.444

3. Russia 2 22.350

*Russia 1 22.350

4. Italy 2 21.644

5. Bulgaria 20.975

6. France 20.738

7. Spain 20.283

8. Ukraine 19.394

*doesn’t advance to final due to one-per-country rule


Aero Dance

In Aero Dance only 6 teams advance to the final and there is a limit of 1 per country. Romania and Russia fought for the top position, scoring respectively the highest note on artistry and execution. As the last performer, Romania did exactly what they needed to do, edging Russia’s second team by just 0.050! Further finalists are Hungary, Italy, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

1. Romania 18.250

2. Russia 2 18.200

3. Hungary 17.850

4. Italy 17.300

*Russia 1 17.075

5. Azerbaijan 17.050

6. Ukraine 16.750

*doesn’t advance to final due to one-per-country rule


Aero Step

In Aero Step the top 4 teams advance to Sunday’s final, again with a limit of 1 per country. Hungary’s second team performed their famous Aladdin routine which got them the bronze medal at the World Games last July. Here in Ancona, they couldn’t beat the Russians but took the second position comfortably. Ukraine and Spain are the other 2 finalists. Let’s see tomorrow what these teams will do!

1. Russia 2 17.900

2. Hungary 2 17.700

3. Ukraine 17.125

*Russia 1 16.800

4. Spain 16.750

*doesn’t advance to final due to one-per-country rule


All finals will be held tomorrow, which the juniors competing in the morning from 10am to 12.30pm while the seniors will be on stage from 15.15pm to 18.30pm. Follow it LIVE thanks to our partner SmartScoring via!