Rachael Walker recommends ICIT to expand knowledge and experience of TeamGym

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Rachael Walker recommends ICIT to expand knowledge and experience of TeamGym

June 13, 2018

The International Coaching Internship for TeamGym was launched last year to encourage an exchange of experience.

By linking coaches with overseas clubs, UEG aims to promote international cooperation in TeamGym and offer coaches and clubs a valuable platform to exchange their knowledge. This contributes to the further development of the discipline. Coaching in Scotland, Rachael Walker signed up last year for the internship and returned home with a wealth of new experiences.

UEG: Can you introduce yourself to us?

Walker: Hi, I’m Rachael Walker a TeamGym coach in Scotland. I’m 19 years old and have been coaching since I was twelve.


UEG: Can you tell us about the TeamGym internship you did last year?

Walker: The coaching internship I did in 2017 was with Brommagymnasterna, Sweden. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got there but I was definitely not disappointed. The whole time I was there I felt as though I was constantly learning new things and new approaches to structuring sessions, annual planning and the entire running/structuring of such a huge club. I got to see all the facilities where Bromma train and how the Government help to ensure that thousands of people across Sweden get into the sport. It was extremely interesting to see the different coaching techniques used as well as the high level of self-motivation from the gymnasts. Being able to observe/coach with different coaches, gymnasts all of different levels throughout the club was really beneficial as I was able to see and hear from people that worked in different areas of the club each with different roles.


UEG: How did you hear about it?

Walker: I heard about the TeamGym internship from one of the senior coaches at my club that had spotted it on social media and I signed up straight away!


UEG: What were the things you liked most? What could be improved? What was the most fun thing you did there?

Walker: The things I liked most about the internship was that I was able to meet so many different people who are also passionate about TeamGym and hear their thoughts on how things are run in different countries. It was also really good to be able to see first-hand how sessions were structured and the different approaches coaches take in these sessions. I was personally really happy with the way the internship was run, and I specifically liked that we had some free time built in that allowed us to explore the city with people from Bromma.I really enjoyed coaching the youth girls team, they were all so keen to learn new things and were interested in what TeamGym was like in Scotland – full of questions! They all had high respect for their coach and were all so self-motivated and proactive within their sessions.

UEG: What is the key message you take away from this kind of exchange programme?

Walker: You will take from this programme what you put into it. Ask questions, and get involved – this is the best way to learn and take the most from the programme.


UEG: Why would you recommend ICIT?

Walker: If you are genuinely interested in expanding your knowledge and experience of TeamGym, and wanting to improve your coaching as well as bring back newly gained information to your home country then this is definitely for you. It is hard work and you will have a very busy and full on week, but it is definitely worth every minute!


Thanks Rachael!


Sounds like something for you? The application forms for 2018 are now available! You can find them here!