Olympic Champion Hancharou and Vice-Champion Page inspire gymnasts

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Olympic Champion Hancharou and Vice-Champion Page inspire gymnasts

August 14, 2017

At the UEG’s Trampoline training camp in Cascais (POR)

Last week, 53 gymnasts and 27 coaches from 12 Federations spent a week training hard and having fun in the excellent facilities provided by the Portuguese Federation in Cascais. All three disciplines, Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling, were practised. And the gymnasts were guided by knowledgeable experts like UEG TC members Irina Karavaeva, the first Trampoline Olympic Champion and Luis Nunes, tumbling legend Vadim Skakoun and Julie Perreten. Renowned coaches Olga Vlasova and Paul Greaves were joined by their protégés Rio 2016 gold medallist Uladizislau Hancharou (BLR) and silver medallist Bryony Page (GBR).

Both attended the camp for the first time and gave us an insight on how they see themselves as a role model for the future generation of gymnasts. Bryony Page told us: “I really enjoyed my experience at the UEG camp, it was a pleasure to be part of. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was so friendly, willing to learn and hard-working. My advice to the gymnasts and coaches would be to continue enjoying what you do and always be keen to learn! The most valuable advice that my coaches shared with me was to be accountable for my own training and make sure I am doing everything I can do in my control to be the best I can be.”

Uladzislau Hancharou added: “The atmosphere at the training camp is very nice. Gymnasts from different countries are communicating with each other and working together. They are working very hard in each training session, no one is lazy. Everybody can see the benefits of being at the camp. It is very comfortable to work in such a positive atmosphere! The whole camp is a fun and it is difficult to pick out one particular moment as there are so many good times.” When asked about the most important skills of a trampolinist, the European and Olympic Champion said: “The most important thing is that all gymnasts and coaches are happy and the most important thing, that a trampolinist should learn is the correct technique of the start and end of elements because it is essential for the stability of routine. The most valuable advice I ever received from my coach is that you need to get to the end of your routine even if you are very scared or uncomfortable. Everything needs to be completed, every element, every routine, every training session.”  

We hope the gymnasts at the training camp took advantage of the presence of their heroes and will aim to follow in their footsteps!


Bryony Page (GBR) - Luigi - Uladzislau Hancharou (BLR)