News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter N° 9

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News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter N° 9

April 19, 2018

By Hlif Thorgeirsdottir, GfA-TC President








This year is very exciting for me as I start leading a great group of dedicated and hardworking people who were elected last December. I count on the vast experience and enthusiasm of long-time members Heidi Marie Taksdal (NOR), Regina Beeler (SUI), Ilse Arys (BEL) and Maria Stahl (SWE). We warmly welcome Géza Mikes (SRB) and Maria Papadopoulou (GRE) to our Technical Committee. I’m sure our new members will fit in perfectly and will contribute to an even better atmosphere within the TC.

We have many things to look forward this year! The first edition of European Gym for Life Challenge will be held on the 14 July in Liege (BEL). The next day, the 11th EUROGYM will start. Next on the planning is the 6th edition of the Golden Age Gym Festival which will commence 16 September in the Italian town Pesaro.

For me -and lots of other people- Gymnastics festivals are a cumulation of joy: the joy of doing gymnastics, the joy of meeting and laughing with old and new friends, the joy of learning, playing and traveling. Join our events to live this experience!  

Both cities, Liege and Pesaro, offer the best conditions to welcome the European gymnasts for an unforgettable gymnastics week. The Gymnastics for All TC is certain that all our gymnastics friends, taking part in our festivals, will enjoy an unforgettable week of sport.  

We, the Committee, are ready to help countries in any way to develop Gymnastics for All, so do not hesitate to contact me or any of my committee members. Ideas, suggestions and remarks are always welcome!


14 July 2018 … mark this day in your agenda!

Liege will then host the first ever European Gym for Life Challenge! After the success of the test event in 2014, more than 800 participants have registered. Participants need to be at least 12 years old. Groups feature minimum 6 gymnasts and present a performance of a maximum of three minutes, including entering and exiting the stage.

Each performance will be evaluated according to entertainment value; innovation, originality & variety; technique, quality & safety; and overall impression. The scores will be used to establish an internal ranking list which will not be made public. All groups receive a bronze, silver or gold trophy, a diploma and a small souvenir.

The main objective of the TC is to offer gymnastics groups the opportunity to participate in a Challenge and have their programme evaluated. Also important is to improve the quality of group performances by evaluating the performances and giving feedback to the groups, including advice on how to improve which will help create an interesting and exciting event in gymnastics, both for the gymnasts and for the audience. This will create a further tool in the field of choreography and to share the “know how” in order to enhance the entire field of group performances/displays.




The day after the European Gym for Life Challenge, UEG’s oldest festival begins, for its youngest audience! For the 11th edition Liege (BEL) expects more than 4000 gymnasts between 12 and 18. During 5 days they will perform, interact, learn and have fun in the many workshops, performances and ceremonies. Of course, we can’t forget the social activities where the delegations can meet and mingle, making new friends along the way and learning about Belgium’s culture and the countries of the other participants.




A few weeks ago, Regina and Maria travelled to Pesaro to meet with the local organisers. And they were impressed! Preparations are going well, back up plans (even in Italy it can rain unfortunately!) were discussed and approved. Soon, the LOC will publish a video for each of the planned workshops and the 2000 participants can make their choice.

An important notice coming from Italy though: Bologna airport will be close for renovation works on the arrival days for GAGF … So plan your trip well, and fly to Ancona. Contact the LOC for more information and practical details.

Rossini’s birthplace will be the place-to-be in September!






In this new section of the newsletter, we would like to draw attention to some useful topics for coaches. We kick off with the all-important subject of choreography!

What is the meaning of choreography

•      The word choreography literally means “dance-writing”

•      It comes from the Ancient Greek word: “χορεία” (choreia), meaning a “circular dance” and "γραφή" (writing). 


What to think of before you start making a choreo

What is the occasion? 

Where will the choreography be performed?

Will it be outdoor or indoor/small or large area?

Who are the audience? (age group)

What are your participants/athletes abilities?

What do you really want to show and present to your audience?

What are the evaluators expectations/ is there even going to be evaluators?

Do you like to work with objects?

Is there a special music or a story that you would like to work on/ a theme?

and so on.


What kind of elements of movement or techniques should I use?

•      Basic gymnastics moves 

•      Dance movements/ various dancing styles like Ballet, Hip-Hop. Jazz, Modern Dance, Folk, Street dance….

•      parkour moves, tricking or martial arts moves 

•      Acrobatics

•      Improvice with athletes

•      Mix




In this busy 2018, we count on your enthusiasm and support to make all our UEG events a big success!

Hlif Thorgeirsdottir

GfA-TC President