News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter N° 3

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News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter N° 3

December 8, 2015

By the Gymnastics for All Technical Committee





Dear Gymnastics friends,

Now when the year 2015 is almost over we, the Technical Committee of Gymnastics for All (TC GfA) of the UEG, are looking forward to the work that awaits us in the new year 2016. 
We had a busy and successful year organising a Choreo-Camp, a seminar, two info meetings and two experts meetings without forgetting our Technical Committee and Task force meetings. We also published a book about Choreography that everyone can order from the UEG office by clicking here

Next year will be mostly dedicated to our two biggest events EUROGYM and Golden Age Gym Festival. Now it is the time to register for both events, more info on their websites:   and

We are hoping to meet all our gymnastics friends from all over Europe at these two festivals and we also would like to meet some new friends. If you cannot join a group, you are welcome to come and observe to look and learn what GfA is all about. Or you can register as a volunteer! Gymnastic for All is very important for most Gymnastics Federations as they know that the more people do gymnastics the more money they receive, and GfA is a sustainable discipline.  But it’s not all about money of course! The benefits are so much bigger than earning money. By practicing gymnastics, we get better health and that brings us more quality of life.

So if your Federation does not yet have GfA, the Technical Committee of Gymnastics for All are ready to help you!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new gymnastic year 

Hlif Thorgeirsdóttir
Vice – President of TC GfA of UEG




In September more than 30 participants from 8 countries attended our 3rd Educational Camp Choreography in the Slovenian coastal town of Portoroz. The main goals of this camp is providing knowledge and support for our National Federations in preparing, coaching, evaluating and selecting groups for Gymnastics for All festival like EUROGYM and Golden Age Gym Festival. New this year, level C for coaches that teach gymnasts aged 50+ showed immense creativity and fun. Let’s hope this target group, with lots of potential gymnasts around Europe, will benefit greatly and will grow. There is no age limit in Gymnastics, everyone should be active! 

Creativity and fun were the key words, as was thinking out of the box. Because when you create choreography you create something special for gymnasts and audience alike. And this can be done in easy ways as our experts showed, by looking from a different perspective.

Our expert Joao created a very special choreography showing what „out of the box” is. This was performed by all participants in the city square, a pleasant surprise for locals and tourists visiting Portoroz. Check out the video!

A big thank you to our experts: Joao Carlos Vieira Albuquerque Martins (POR), Ilona Gerling (GER), Eija Osterberg (SWE) and Hlíf Thorgeirsdottir (ISL). And of course, also to the Slovenian Gymnastics Federation for their support in organising this camp and the National Federations for participating and your valuable input.





Lillsved, in an idyllic location surrounded by water and islands, held UEG’s first ‘Gymnastics for Fun’ seminar. The mission was sharing our passion for Gymnastics and Fun, Fun, Fun. Because Gymnastics is lots of Fun! As theory lessons were interspersed with practical information, participants had time to practice and learn from each other. All participants willingly shared their knowledge from different levels: club, regional, national and international, and helped others to find solutions for their specific problems and challenges. 

An interesting exercise was learning different ways to use simple and readily available equipment, like a gym bench, to create really nice and fun classes. Also of huge interest were creating exercises without staying in line, and parkour, which is the fastest growing sport in many place in Europe and is based on gymnastics.

Thanks a lot to our experts: Keith Russell (CAN), Embla Holmberg and Nivin Shaker (SWE), Christoph Renfer (SUI), Maria Stahl (SWE). Thanks to the Swedish Gymnastics Federation for their support and all the participants. A special thanks goes to Maria Stahl, member of UEG’s GfA TC, for the perfect preparation of this educational activity. 





In September people were encouraged to Be Active! An initiative of the European Commission, the first European Week of Sport was a huge success. Clubs and federations all over Europe could organise events, the main aim getting people to move. Of course Gymnastics for All took this opportunity to promote gymnastics! 2 gym clubs from Belgium were invited to show UEG’s Flash Mob, created by Swiss choreographer Guy Maeder, at the official Opening Ceremony in Brussels under loud applause of the European Commissioner Tibor Navracsics himself and many other important politicians and the famous Athlete Ambassadors.

 On Saturday 12 September gymnasts from 13 countries performed our Flash Mob at exactly 12 noon. Some gymnasts chose to show their interpretation of our Flash Mob in the local shopping mall, others hit the beach, the park or the city square. A true show of Gymnastics for All! Enjoy the compilation video!

We hope to announce the dates of the second edition soon. Stay tuned!




In 2016 Europe’s youth will gather from 18 to 24 July in Ceske Budejovice (CZE) for the 10th edition of the hugely popular EUROGYM. The focus is on gymnasts aged 12 to 18 who will perform all over the city and attend workshops and seminars, and -of course- meet gymnasts from all over the continent and form life-long friendships! 

Do you want to volunteer? The organising committee is looking a wide range of enthusiastic volunteers. More info here!





Another hugely popular event will take place in 2016: the Golden Age Gym Festival! 

Europe’s 50+ gymnasts are being hosted in Slovenia, in beautiful Portoroz on the Adriatic Coast. This 5th edition will be held from 2 to 7 October. With performances held all over town, the gymnastics spark is sure to alight the locals and the many visitors. It’s never too late to start gymnastics!

Golden Age Gym Festival 2016 is a big festival that cannot be done without a help from volunteers from all over the Europe. If you want to join GAGF 2016 as a volunteer please send an e-mail to till 29 February 2016.






Do you know that you can get financial support from European Union for Gymnastics for All? Yes you can! Support for GfA and other gymnastics disciplines!

Erasmus+ is a new programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport. The aim is to boost skills and employability, and supports grassroots projects and cross-border challenges such as combating doping, violence and racism.

So if you are living in a country that is member of the European Union, be sure to check out this website for more information!