News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter N° 10

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News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter N° 10

September 12, 2018

By Hlif Thorgeirsdottir, UEG TC-GfA President







In just a few days the 6th Golden Age Gym Festival starts! Tomorrow the UEG Technical Committee members will arrive in Pesaro to help the organisers with the finishing touches and to warmly welcome the close to 2000 participants from 18 countries. We have exciting workshops, thrilling city performances, the UEG gala and much more on offer. I ask your special attention for the Forum which will be held on Wednesday 19 July from 9.30am to 12 noon. Read all about it below!

Besides organising our events, my TC is currently busy redesigning and reorganising the educational content we’d like to offer to you. Keep your eye out for new and exciting content which will be waiting for everyone who is interested at upcoming UEG events and on the new UEG website, to be launched at the end of this year. Next year, we plan to organise another Educational Choreo Camp! More details will be available in our next Newsletter.

Last but definitely not least, I’d like to thank and congratulate the organisers, the 5000 participants and their coaches for delivering an excellent 1st European Gym for Life Challenge and an entertaining 11th edition of EUROGYM. Merci Liege!



1907 participants … 18 countries! These excellent numbers make Pesaro 2018 the most popular edition of the Golden Age Gym Festival so far. With 584 participants, Norway sends the biggest delegation, followed by Finland (217) and France (148). The event starts on Sunday with the street parade and the opening ceremony. Participants have a varied choice of workshops to attend, three afternoons of city performances, the choice of exploring various regions in Italy or simple stay and enjoy Rossini’s birthplace, Pesaro!

On Wednesday 19 July the Forum will be organised, from 9.30am to 12 noon at Hotel Vittoria. This year’s topic is Effectifit, an innovative model that traces a path to optimise and personalise the training done in the gym, adapting it to everyone’s characteristics. An easy, fast and fun way! There will be a theoretical and a practical part. We invite all team leaders, coaches, assistant coaches and heads of delegation to attend. Also, Golden Age participants are welcome! The Forum will be led by Paolo Evangelista, an innovator in the wellness world and opinion leader of the Italian fitness worldwide.

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From 14 till 19 July, the sun was shining bright in the Belgian city of Liege. The 1st official edition of the European Gym for Life Challenge kicked off the gymnastics festivities with a spectacular show featuring over 800 gymnasts from 12 countries. Then EUROGYM followed suit, mobilising over 4000 teenagers and bringing life, music and gymnastics to the city center. The Tivoli stage on the St Lambert square could have hosted a rock concert, a very impressive podium for our main ceremonies and city performances, attracting curious passers-by. The event would not have been possible without the support of the local and regional government and the icing on the cake came in the form of the Belgian Queen Mathilde who enjoyed some of the city performances and spoke to the gymnasts backstage.

Did you know that you can relive the entire European Gym for Life Challenge and the Opening Ceremony, Gala and Closing Ceremony on the UEG’s Youtube channel? Just click on the link below…




In our last Newsletter we talked about what to think of before you start making a choreo …

Now we want to tell you about the optimal use of space, time & music!


Very important … Use it !!!!

  ·  Look for the different possibilities of using the space.

  ·  Where is the audience sitting? 1 side, 2 or 3 sides or even 4 sides?

  ·  What are the different effects resulting from different spatial settings?

  ·  What about the paths through the space?

  ·  Use different lines.

  ·  Use different levels, up, middle, down.

  ·  How can the group be placed as a whole? 

  ·  Look for possibilities facing the audience.



Think about the structure of the music and use it in your choreography:

  ·  Beat / metro

  ·  bar

  ·  tempo

  ·  rhythm

  ·  accents / stresses

  ·  harmony

  ·  melody

  ·  dynamics


What about the effects of the music?

Is the song appropriate? (lyric)

Length of the music = keep it short, fun & effective





See you very soon in Pesaro!

Hlif Thorgeirsdottir

GfA-TC President