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News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter

September 8, 2016

By the GfA Technical Committee





My volunteering adventure started when EUROGYM was organised in my hometown Coimbra, in 2012. I invested my time because I knew people who were involved and they are very passionate. I returned because I liked the experience. Once you feel this atmosphere you become addicted! The EUROGYM performances are constantly improving, I see new and different skills. To volunteer is to live for new experiences and friendships, you need to be flexible and open to cultural exchange, all with one focus: sport in general and gymnastics more particularly. Here in Ceske Budejovice we helped the locals who don’t have much experience with these kinds of events, we committed to the transfer of knowledge which is why a core volunteering group is essential. We are there to help out with all different tasks: at the schools, at the cafeteria, in the Budvar Arena, help with equipment. You name it, we are there to help out. As a physical education teacher, I value the need for movement. Everyone involved in an event like EUROGYM never forgets this experience. It’s an eternal memory which marks everyone. Workshop are led by good instructors, the gymnasts are happy. We want only success for the event. For example when you see the gymnasts waiting in line for something, they were singing and dancing, just couldn’t sit still. At the beginning the groups arrive and stay amongst themselves.  Gradually the groups start exchanging: a smile, some words, a hug, take photos together, support each other. At the end, you don’t know which country a gymnast belongs to! Mixed team colours and clothes shows the union that has been made. We are all together. And with the emergence of social media these contacts last forever. Will I go to the next edition? Of course! I’m the first one to sign up for Liege 2018!

Francisco Goncalves,
devoted EUROGYM volunteer

Coimbra (POR)





The 10th edition of EUROGYM, held in Ceske Budejovice (CZE) from 18 to 24 July, was a showcase of enthusiasm of the 3500 participants.

Enchanting the local residents with their passionate stage performances and immersing in the workshops to learn new skills or polish up existing ones, Europe’s teenaged gymnasts came from 19 countries to celebrate a week of sport and friendship. The weather gods looked favourably upon the whole show, delighting the youngsters with gorgeous sunshine. The Budvar Arena welcomed the delegations after the street parade for the Opening Ceremony which set the tone for what was to come: fun, friendship, music, laughter, happiness. Oh, and lots of gymnastics!



Our faithful mascot Luigi travelled to the Czech Republic for his first EUROGYM participation. The group Koninklijke Diestse Turnkring from Belgium took him under wing, led by the lovely Lieze Frederickx.  She started gymnastics as a three-year-old, is a competitive trampoline gymnast and also a coach!

We asked Lieze to tell us about her EUROGYM experience. Here’s what she has to say: “One of the nicest moments definitely was the street parade through the city. The Belgian group feeling was amazing. It’s incredible how many gymnasts were present there, almost 4000. It was also nice to get acquainted with the city of Ceske Budejovice for the first time. A nice city with enthusiastic people who always encouraged us. The parade ended in a big arena where all participants were seated by nation. De Mexican wave through the stadium gave me goose bumps!

Each participating group performed twice in the city center. For our first performance it was very hot as the sun shone right onto the podium. But this didn’t stop us from executing our dance well. It was wonderful to perform for such a big audience. The applause afterwards was fantastic. When we came off the stage, people from the town congratulated us. Very nice after all the hard work this year.

The Gala on the second to last day was impressive. The Gympies Keerbergen represented our country and did a great job! Seeing the best groups of the other countries was nice too.”Did you know that you can follow Luigi’s adventures all around the world? Just follow him on Instagram!


Did you know that you can follow Luigi’s adventures all around the world? Just follow him on Instagram: ueg_luigi!





Last year the European Commission launched a great initiative: the European Week of Sport. Aim is to get the European citizens moving. It doesn’t matter what sport or at what level, as long as you go out there, move and have fun. UEG proudly partners with the Commission to promote this event and help it become successful! In 2016, the second edition of the European Week of Sport starts on 10 September with the grand opening in Kosice, Slovakia, the country that currently presides over the European Union.




Keen to join all the action? UEG partners in 2 big events: an open gym day so everyone can try our fabulous sport and the 1000 Cities Flash Mob! For the open day, contact your local federation for the date. The Flash Mob you can learn by watching the video below! Choreographer explains the basic moves. It’s up to you to add your own dazzling dance or gymnastics elements. Get your friends and teammates together, practice and go out on the streets on Saturday 17 September at 12 noon CET to show your love for gymnastics! And there is more… you can win a prize. Film your performance and send it to We will put your video on our Youtube and Facebook pages and the most original will be rewarded with a unique prize! Come on, what are you waiting for?!




Our last event in this busy 2016 will take place on the gorgeous Adriatic coast in Portoroz (SLO). That’s where our ‘golden generation’ will participate in the 5th edition of the Golden Age Gym Festival. Over a thousand participants have registered for this bi-annual event for gymnasts aged over 50. The Slovenian Gymnastics Federation and the Local Organising Committee have preparations in excellent control. They cooperate intensively with UEG’s Gymnastics for All Technical Committee to assure the best possible experience for all those involved!


Hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Gymnastics for All Technical Committee