News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter


News for All! The Gymnastics for All Newsletter

May 12, 2015

By Alberto Claudino Loureiro Nunes, GfA-TC President

Be active, do Gymnastics!”

Dear Gymnastics friends,

The Technical Committee of Gymnastics for All (TC GfA) of the UEG is happy to inform you about some of our activities that are being developed in Europe.

Because Gymnastics is really “for All”, the UEG, through our Technical Committee organises gymnastics events for groups of all ages and all capacities: the EUROGYM, for gymnasts aged from 12 to 18; the GOLDEN AGE GYM FESTIVAL, for gymnasts from 50 years, and the EUROPEAN GYM FOR LIFE CHALLENGE, for all age groups over 12 years old. You can find information about all these events in this Newsletter!

The TC GfA also develops educational programmes to support National Federations, clubs and coaches. This year the 3rd edition of the Educational Choreography Camp will take place in September, in Portoroz, Slovenia, and the 1st seminar “Gymnastics for Fun”, in October, in Lillsved, Sweden. Also in 2015, the booklet “Dimensions of Choreography” will be published.

The future of the European Gymnastics is also a concern of the TC GfA. We believe that the growing of our sport needs not only interesting competitions, with high level of performance but, at the same time, more and more people doing gymnastics, enjoying our sport and getting better health and more quality of life. We believe that the future of our sport is linked with a strong Gymnastics for All! That’s why we will participate in the 1st European Week of Sport, an initiative of the European Commission.  The slogan of that week is “Be active!” The TC GfA is planning a contribution of the gymnastics community for that week, with a main idea: “Be active, do Gymnastics!” 

And you, are you doing Gymnastics?

EUROGYM – festival for the young!

EUROGYM is our biggest event and gathers almost 5000 participants every two years. This festival is for gymnasts aged from 12 to 18. The next edition will be held in Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic in July 2016.

During the festival there is a parade, opening ceremony, workshops, city performances, forum, EUROGYM Gala, social activities, closing ceremony and much more, but most important; getting new gymnastics friends from the whole of Europe :)

Golden Age Gymnastic Festival (GAGF)

The Golden Age Gym Festival is a gymnastics festival for the 50+ generation. It is organised every two years and will be held for the 5th time in Portoroz, Slovenia in 2016. The programme of the Golden Age Gym Festival includes the following events:


·      Opening Ceremony

·      Group performances

·      Gala “Golden Age”

·      Workshops

·      Common activities

·      Cultural activities (as theatre, music, arts)   

·      Social activities adapted to 50+ people

·      Forum “Golden Age”

·      Closing ceremony


Male and female gymnasts from 50+ representing the UEG member federations can participate in Golden Age. The Slovenian LOC is working very hard to organise this event by the sea in the lovely city Portoroz. We look forward to see you all there!

European Gym for Life Challenge (EGFL)

The first edition of EGFL challenge will be organised one day before the official opening of EUROGYM in Ceske BudejoviceCZE in July 2016. A test event was held in 2014 in Helsingborg and it has been a big success.

The European Gym for Life Challenge is an event open to groups of all ages, over 12 years old. EGFL is a challenge where groups of minimum 6 persons make their performance and get evaluated and receive feedback afterwards.All groups will be awarded with the categories “bronze, silver or gold”

Regulations for the challenge are based on the FIG regulation for World Gym for Life Challenge with minor changes to adapt to the European style.

Each performance will be evaluated on the following criteria:

·      Entertainment value

·      Innovation, originality and variety

·      Technique, quality and skill safety

·      Overall impression

We hope to see you with your group in CZE!




The3rd Educational Choreo Camp in Portoroz, Slovenia “How do you interest the audience? How do you make a show that the audience will remember?”.This course will give you some answers to the above questions and much more. The course is based on both theories and practical lessons and focuses on the three areas choreography,evaluation and giving feedback. This time with special lessons dedicated to the coaches who develop choreography for 50 +. After the course you will have the tools and conditions based on the different elements to create and develop a good show and memorable performances. Dates; 19th – 21st September 2015.

The Seminar “Gymnastic for fun” “How can you make attractive and fun lessons for Children and Youth in Gymnastic for All? How can you give each gymnast a feeling of success and development of gymnastic skills?”

For the first time we welcome you to a Seminar over a weekend in Lillsved, just outside Stockholm in Sweden. A Seminar with both theory and practical lessons from experts in the field combined with discussions and group studies. A Seminar for sharing knowledge and new ideas and giving the opportunity for a network in future work. Dates; 9th – 11th October 2015.

A new booklet – Dimensions of Choreography The booklet is a guide to helping you develop Choreography!
We hope that this booklet will support and give the coaches new perspective and help them to be more creative and open minded in the preparation of an upcoming performance. This booklet will be an educational material at the upcoming ECC.

Info meeting and expert meeting for EUROGYM

On 17th and 18th April 12 National Gymnastics Federations were in Ceske Budejovice to take a look at the city and facilities for the next EUROGYM. They saw the city of Ceske Budejovice, the Exhibition Centre, the main square, Budvar Arena and the University student dormitory where almost half of the 5000 expected participants will be accommodated. There was also a presentation from the local organiser of the main event areas and time to discuss and ask questions about the preparations of the event. The LOC has done a good job so far and are looking forward to welcome everyone to the 10th EUROGYM next summer.

The expert meeting was held after the info meeting, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Together with the UEG TC GfA 10 delegates from Austria, Great Britain, Iceland, Norway and Italy discussed the future of the event. We started with an evaluation of the last edition, which was in Helsingborg last year, and with this as a basis mixed with the experience and knowledge of the delegates, we worked to develop the event to be an even greater success in the future.

Lots of topics were on the agenda like parade, opening and closing ceremony, the EUROGYM Gala, workshops, city performances, the educational forum, how much do we want to grow and more. Most of the discussions concluded that the event needs some minor improvements, but all in all the concept is very good and people around Europe love it.


With my best regards.

Alberto Claudino Loureiro Nunes,

GfA-TC President