Natalia Kapitonova and Artur Dalaloyan grab Russian all-around titles


Natalia Kapitonova and Artur Dalaloyan grab Russian all-around titles

March 9, 2017

The Russian Championships in Artistic Gymnastics were held in Kazan last weekend.

Kazan, site of the 2013 Universiade, hosted the Russian Championships. Of the 10 Olympians, 3 women, Daria Spiridonova, Seda Tutkhalyan and Angelina Melnikova, competed in the team competition while David Belyavskiy and Nikita Nagornyy opted to focus on events, not the all-around.  Pregnant Aliya Mustafina was on hand to encourage her teammates while Tatiana Nabieva coached St-Petersburg.

The qualifications served as team competition. Moscow won both the women’s and men’s titles.


Natalia Kapitonova, the alternate for the 2016 Russian Olympic team, won the all-around title and tied for gold on bars with co-world Champion Daria Spiridonova. Seda Tutkhalyan also won two individual titles, on vault and on beam, tied with Viktoria Trykina. On floor, Lilia Akhaimova was victorious, beating 2016 junior European all-around Champion Elena Eremina started well in qualifications to lead the all-around but made costly mistakes in the final, bumping her to second place. Angelina Melnikova wasn’t yet competition-ready, finishing 11th all-around and last on floor. However, she also took bronze on vault and beam so she’s still in the running for the team for the upcoming European Championships, having a chance to redeem herself at the Stuttgart World Cup on 18 March.



1.      Moscow (Seda Tutkhalyan, Daria Spiridonova, Alla Sosnitskaya, Yelizaveta Kochetkova, Viktoriya Trykina, Ksenia Artyomova) 213.827

2.      Central 1 (Angelina Melnikova, Evgenia Shelgunova, Daria Yelizarova, Ksenia Kim, Alina Bunina, Yekaterina Polikarpova) 208.061

3.      Saint-Petersburg (Elena Eremina, Lilia Akhaimova, Anastasia Cheong, Varvara Batalova, Yekaterina Boyeva, Maria Tsarypkina) 204.929



1.      Natalia Kapitonova 108.231

2.      Elena Eremina 107.732

3.      Yevgenia Shelgunova 106.597



1.      Seda Tutkhalyan 14.233

2.      Lilia Akhaimova 13.849

3.      Angelina Melnikova 13.783



1. Daria Spiridonova 14.700

1. Natalia Kapitonova 14.700

3. Daria Skrypnik 14.433



1. Seda Tutkhalyan 13.533

1. Viktoria Trykina 13.533

3. Angelina Melnikova 13.466


1.      Lilia Akhaimova 13.800

2.      Elena Eremina 13.400

3.      Seda Tutkhalyan 13.366



Artur Dalaloyan easily topped qualification. In the all-around final he posted the second score behind Nikita Ignatyev but the combined scores were enough to secure his first national title. "I'm happy with the victory and the total score, as this was the first competition with the new rules," he said Friday. "To accommodate the new Code, I had to change a lot. There is a growing difficulty of combinations that have me putting elements in an uneasy sequence. All this collectively had an impact, so if earlier it was possible to score 90 points (in the all-around), now 84-85 points is quite a lot."

In event finals David Belyavskiy and Dmitry Lankin clinched two titles each. Belyavskiy edged Sergei Yeltsov on pommel horse and won high bar as well. Lankin topped rings and vault. Kirill Prokopyev impressed on floor while Nikita Nagornyy scored 15.066 on his way to parallel bars victory.


1.      Moscow (Artur Dalaloyan, Alexei Kosyanov, Nikolai Kishkilov, Nikita Nagornyy, Dmitry Lankin, Alexei Kozlov) 329.124

2.      Central (Dmitriy Govorov, Konstantin Kuzovkov, Alexei Rostov, Ilya Kibartas, Kirill Prokopyev, Sergei Krivunets) 323.691

3.      Siveria (Kirill Potapov, Daniil Kazachkov, Nikita Letnikov, Andrei Cherkasov, Andrei Lagutov, Nikita Ignatyev) 321.590


All around

1.      Artur Dalaloyan 167.930

2.      Nikita Ignatyev 166.495

3.      Vladislav Polyashov 165.697



1.      Kirill Prokopyev 14.533

2.      Ilya Kibartas 13.866

3.      Vladislav Polyashov 13.666


Pommel horse

1.      David Belyavskiy 14.366

2.      Sergei Yeltsov 14.333

3.      Kirill Prokopyev 14.233



1.      Dmitry Lankin 14.466

2.      Nikita Ignatyev 14.366

3.      Daniil Kazachkov 14.233



1.      Dmitri Lankin 14.333

2.      Artur Dalaloyan 14.133

2.      Mikhail Kudashov 14.133


Parallel bars

1.      Nikita Nagornyy 15.066

2.      Vladislav Polyashov 14.633

3.      Kirill Potapov 14.100


High bar

1.      David Belyavskiy 13.800

2.      Alexey Rostov 13.500

3.      Vladislav Polyashov 13.433


With Angelina Melnikova and Nikita Ignatyev on the roster of the Stuttgart World Cup, additional gymnasts will compete in the DTB Team Cup the same weekend: Lilia Akhaimova, Elena Eremina, Elizaveta Kochetkova, Daria Spiridonova and Seda Tutkhalyan for the women and Lankin, Vladislav Polyashov, Kirill Potapov, Maxim Sinichkin and Sergei Yeltsov for the men.