Live ACRO together! The Acrobatic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 6

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Live ACRO together! The Acrobatic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 6

May 24, 2017

By Carine Charlier, UEG ACRO-TC President






Acrobatic gymnasts all over the planet are getting back into competition shape, we see new pairs and groups mounting a great challenge for the experienced competitors to rise to. Two World Cup events have already passed, with the next one coming up shortly. We’ll tell you all you need to know about these events below.

At UEG this year we focus on our training camp, the development workshops and –last but definitely not least- the European Age Group Competitions and the European Championships which will be held from 13 to 22 October in Rzeszow (POL). Besides that we follow with great interest the exploits of our continent’s gymnasts worldwide. The main global event in 2017 is scheduled for July... the World Games!




After a hugely successful first visit to Bulgaria last year, our training camp returns to the superb facilities of Kamchia on the Black Sea coast. From 7 to 13 August, our 8 excellent experts Dmitri Vinnikov (RUS), Galina Kovalchuk (UKR), Yuri Golyak (UKR), Sergei Tretjakov (BEL), Vladimir Makarchenko (RUS), Matei Todorov (GBR), Eva Mauriceau (FRA) and Igor Blintsov (GER) will guide you through the wonders of acrobatics. For coaches a specialised course will be run. An excellent opportunity to learn from the best!  

In addition to the wonderful facilities for acro, the warm climate, the constant sun and proximity to the sea create that important summer holiday feeling.  ​A camp not to miss!

Want to join us? Contact your federation! But remember … the deadline is approaching fast. It’s on 7th June!




In 2016 the UEG started organising workshops, one in the Czech Republic and one in Denmark, aimed at providing a basic foundation of Acrobatics to support the development of the discipline in the host nation. This year we want to continue with this initiative. Does your country want to develop an acro programme? UEG provides 2 Technical Experts and will cover the cost of these experts to deliver the workshop which will be held over 2 – 3 days in English. Interested?

Contact the UEG office via





The preparation for this year’s continental Championships are well under way, as the Technical Committee witnessed earlier on this year during two meetings. The Directives were recently sent out to all our member Federations. This means that the countdown is on! Only 5 months left to see Europe’s best at work. 

Save the date:
13 – 15 October - European Age Group Competitions
19 – 22 October - European Championships for juniors and seniors





Two stages of the World Cup circuit have already been held this year. First up, was the Maia World Cup in Portugal from 3 to 5 March, followed by the Belgian stage in Puurs from 7 to 9 April.

Belgium has coped well with the retirement of their established men’s (Vincent Casse and Arne Van Gelder) and women’s pairs (Laurie Philpott and Natascha Van Es). The changing of the guard ran smoothly with Robin Casse –you guessed it: younger brother of Vincent!- and Kilian Goffaux taking first place at both events. Junior World Champions Noemie Lammertyn and Lore Vanden Berghe showed their eagerness to impress.  Unfortunately they had no competition at the first World Cup. In Belgium they easily held off a great challenge by pairs from Israel, North Korea and the US. The experienced Belarussian women’s group featuring Julia Ivonchyk, Veranika Nabokina and Karina Sandovich was the third and final formation that claimed victory in both events.

Mixed pair Ivan Nesterenko and Elena Murashko continued in true Russian tradition, combining elegance with difficulty and making it actually look easy. In Puurs, however, they were bumped into second place by Portugal’s Joao Martins and Carolina Dias who scored an impressive 29.590 to take the gold medal. In the men’s group competition, an exciting battle between the 2015 senior and junior European Champions continues at each competition. In Maia the Israeli guys were victorious, in Puurs, the British lads excelled. Let’s see what they can do in Rzeszow!

Next stage: 25 to 27 May in Geneva (SUI)!






At last year’s World Championships the top 5 after the qualification rounds of each category, earned their Federation an entry ticket to the World Games. The 6th place went to gymnasts based on universality and host nation participation.

The Acrobatic Gymnastics competition is spread over three days:

Monday 24 July: Mixed pairs (BLR, GBR, POL, POR, RUS and USA) and Women’s pairs (BEL, BLR, CHI, PRK, RUS and USA)

Tuesday 25 July: Men’s pairs (BEL, CHN, GER, ISR, PRK and RUS) and Women’s groups (BLR, CHN, GBR, POR, PRK and RUS)

Wednesday 26 July: Men’s groups (AUS, CHN, GBR, ISR, RUS and UKR)



Hope to have informed you fully about the Acrobatics community.

All ideas, comments, suggestions are always welcome! And you are more than welcome in October in Rzeszow to witness acrobatics at its best!


Carine Charlier

ACRO-TC President