Live ACRO together! The Acrobatic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 4

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Live ACRO together! The Acrobatic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 4

October 28, 2015

By Carine Charlier, President of the ACRO-TC


These competitions have brought me a lot of satisfactions, for two essential reasons.

Just like me, many people have noted the spectacular progress realised by the gymnasts from the newer federations in acrobatic gymnastics at this level of competition. The nations with a strong acrobatic tradition have once again shown their know-how like the incredible mixed pair Marina Chernova and Georgiy Pataraya. But they were also challenged many times, by the surfacing of this new generation of ambitious, daring and talented acrobats. This situation had a direct impact on the quality of the show and on the unpredictable outcome of the finals. Tension and suspense until the very last gymnast! The present spectators loved it and showed it by giving a very demonstrative support! Fascinating!


Another reason of satisfaction was the increase of participation (27 countries) and the quality level observed in the age groups category. It is encouraging for our future. The discipline shows a very promising phase of development. Motivating!

We also had the privilege to debate on the topic of the European competition format in acrobatic gymnastics in the reflexion context of tomorrow’s gymnastics. A lot of people were gathered around this Round Table and I am happy with the quality of the remarks which have been brought up. Europe is without any doubt the leader in acrobatics, and its structure for the upcoming years must serve the development of our discipline. We shall not miss to announce you the progress of our works and the decisions taken in this regard.

On this occasion, we also had the privilege to speak with Rosy Taeymans (BEL), President of the TC-ACRO of the FIG in particular in the perspective of the upcoming revision of the Code of Points for the Cycle 2017 – 2020. It is in my view essential to pursue such experiences. It will be up for discussion again.


Before concluding, I address my recognition and all my wishes for success to the Polish Gymnastics Federation and to the organisers of the 28th European Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics 2017, recently allocated to the city of Rzeszow.


With my best regards,

Carine CHARLIER, Présidente CT-ACRO / UEG