Live ACRO together! The Acrobatic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 3

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Live ACRO together! The Acrobatic Gymnastics Newsletter N° 3

September 25, 2015

By Carine Charlier, President of the TC-ACRO


Together for the Acrobatics of tomorrow!






Dear friends of ACRO,

At this very moment we celebrate in Riesa the European Championships for the 27th time for seniors and for the 11th time for juniors, as well as the 8th edition of the European Age Group Competitions. This event is important in our calendar. It also is important in view of the Putian Worlds (CHN) 2016, from 21 March to 5 April, and, already, of the 10th World Games in Wroclaw (POL), from 20 to 30 July 2017. Yes Riesa is a significant step on the path of our discipline, just like Baku (AZE) was last June. 










Regarding precisely the course and the development, I’d like to draw your attention to our traditional orientation meeting which will take place on 29 September, at 7pm. I await you there to deliver the latest information and precisions about the Championships. I invite you to pay special attention to the words UEG’s Vice-President, Mr. Farid Gayibov (AZE), has reserved for you. He will address you in the context of UEG’s Work Group Strategy on the topic of the gymnastics of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

This involves all of us!



In fact, Acrobatic Gymnastics is one of the disciplines of the UEG and in this respect we need to keep in mind that the evolution of the sports market, the expectations of the public, the media, commercial partners, are constantly evolving.  The UEG, and consequently the whole acrobatics community need to make choices today, so that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, our discipline is in perfect shape and in harmony with the sports environment of the years 2020, even 2024.

I remind you that the UEG will hold its 26th Congress, on 20 and 21 November 2015, in Bratislava (SVK) and on this occasion the conclusions of the work and the first proposals of the Work Group constituted by UEG will be unveiled.







Extending this vision on the future, I’d like to remind you also that we organise a Round Tableon 30 September at 7pm. We will evoke our future path, our structures, our competition formats. And at this Round Table, we have the immense honour to welcome and hear speak Rosy Taeymans(BEL), the President of the ACRO Technical Committee of the FIG.



Riesa will serve equally as a study field. Of course we will execute the measurements procedures with regard to the suprasternal notch, but also the height of the athletes, to gather more statistical material and providing the FIG with supplementary data, with the view of improving this procedure. All this will be done in collaboration with FIG’s ACRO-TC, who is currently revising the Code of Points which will be in force during the next cycle. This approach highlights the involvement at a European level in the process of defining the gymnastics of tomorrow.

I wish with my whole heart that your federation will participate in high numbers at these meetings, of which the contents can already qualify a strategy for the whole of European gymnastics.

For now, the focus is on the 2015 European Championships! I am impatiently awaiting you in Riesa, together with our friends from the German Gymnastics Federation, the German Acrobatics Federation and FVG-Riesa, to celebrate our Champions and to share with you the reflexions that feed the debate about our mid and long term development. The first gymnasts have arrived in Riesa, have started training and the Age Group competitions start tomorrow! 




Welcome to Riesa!